Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure, Episode 28! Average fashion show

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The TV anime “Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure”, the synopsis and preceding scene cut of the 28th episode “Ageha no Ageage Fashion Show,” which will be broadcast on Sunday, August 13, has been released.

The motif of this work is the “sky” that spreads endlessly. The theme is “Hero”. The keyword is “the world that spreads by knowing.” “Skyland,” a world in the Sky, and “Solaseed City” surrounded by nature. Set in two cities, the new Pretty Cure is very active! Hop to a world that spreads infinitely like the Sky! Step! Jump! The adventure of Pretty Cure begins now!

-TV animation [Spreading Sky! Pretty Cure”, Episode 28 Synopsis & Scene Cut

Episode 28 “Ageha no Ageage Fashion Show”
Sora (cv. Akira Sekine) and others are looking for new clothes for L (cv. Aoi Koga). However, even if you go around the shops all over the city, you need help finding your favorite. Amid this, a crowd had formed in the town square, where popular models Saotome Maria and the Kaguya sisters were taking pictures.

When Maria and Kaguya see Ageha (cv. Ayaka Nanase), she talks to Sora and the others.

They were Ageha’s older sisters. The three sisters are good friends, even though they have lived apart since childhood due to their parent’s circumstances. The manager Kako invites Ageha to become a model, but Ageha flatly refuses, saying, “I want to be the strongest nursery teacher.” Then Kako notices L and asks if she would like to appear in the fashion show tomorrow as a substitute for a child actor who cannot appear.

Eru is interested in clothes designed by Kaguya. Sora Yamashiro (cv. Ai Kakuma) is worried, but Ageha wants to cherish L’s feelings and supports her appearance. (Screenplay: Yoshimi Narita, Director: Hideki Hiroshima, Storyboard: Teruo Sato, Animation Director: Ken Ueno, Art: Seo Ju-sung)

-Expanding Sky! Pretty Cure Episode 28 Trailer “Ageha no Ageage Fashion Show”

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