3 ‘Extreme’ torture scenes that remain in anime history

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It’s too cruel to face! Harsh torture three patterns

Torture is an inhumane act that inflicts physical and mental harm on the other person through violence. Of course, in reality, it is a taboo act prohibited by international treaties. However, because it is a fantasy, even “torture” can be consumed as entertainment. Here are three anime that have torture scenes with screams and roars.

“Ajin” (2016) It turns out that Kei Nagai, a high school boy, is a new creature, “Ajin,” who does not die even if he is hit by a car. Instead, you will be caught by the government and will be tortured severely. When Kei wakes up after being put to sleep in episode 5 of the anime, he finds himself in a laboratory. He has bandages all over his face, cannot speak, and is pinned to the operating table.

I am starting with three doctors who seem to be doctors, cutting off one arm like lumber with an electric circular saw. I can’t even scream, and I can only twist my body. Under the doctor’s instructions, “Okay, let’s give him more pain,” Kei’s heart is chopped up, and a sense of despair surges along with the pain. “It’s terrible… why am I… like this…” Only reproachful eyes peek out from the bandages wrapped around.

After that, inhuman acts continued, such as pressing a drill against the tooth to cause pain. I am frightened that researchers do not hesitate to cut up the human body and do it as a regular business without hesitation. However, by depicting this abnormal situation, it functions as a splendid production that confronts the viewers with the fact that “Kei is no longer human.”

“Higurashi When They Cry” (2006-2007) A serial mystery set in a depopulated rural village, “Higurashi When They Cry.” Shion Sonozaki, the second daughter of the Sonozaki family, who holds the power of the town, liked her classmate Satoshi Hojo. However, the Hojo family, hated by the Sonozaki family, is being persecuted, and she won’t allow Shion and Satoshi to date.

Therefore, Shion peels off her nails as her kejime to have her relationship recognized. She uses a sinister torture device passed down from generation to generation in the basement of the Sonozaki family. Her torture device hooks metal to her claws and tap her handle with a lever. Then, the metal fittings rise, and the feet come off. Gakon! Shion’s first nail separates from her body, and in pain, she pleads with her sister, “Hey, Mion!? You know, you know, this hurts!” This scene, in which the film was stripped, left a traumatic impression on viewers.

However, Shion’s resentment goes out of control when Satoshi disappears, even though he has made a deal. She murders the village leaders, and she continues to torture Satoshi’s younger sister, Satoko, by stabbing her with her kitchen knife. Satoko screams of “Guaaaa~~!” While physically hurting Satoko, her cruelty of showing it off to her Mion and teasing her mentally stands out. It is a legendary scene that will remain in posterity, depicting the act of falling into madness through love.

The nail-stripping scene is still alive in the new anime “Higurashi When They Cry” (2021). In episode 6, Mion Sonozaki binds the village chief to a chair and kills her by torture, including stripping her claws. Opposite to Mion, who has been bathed in her blood, the village chief’s corpse and the splattered depiction of one ear falling at her feet are excellent.

The gruesome sight caused by the beautiful girl There is no doubt that you will stare into that gap. “Fate/Zero” (2011-2012) Seven masters (magicians) summon servants (heroic spirits) to kill each other in search of the “Holy Grail” that grants any wish if one obtains it. Fate/stay night”.

In the spin-off “Fate/Zero,” set 10 years earlier, a Master and Servant were said to be the worst duo. Gilles de Rais is a servant of the bizarre murderer Ryunosuke Uryu. When Jill is given a child as a sacrifice, she releases it with a big smile.

The child is released from the room of the murder scene, and at the moment of joy, countless tentacles pull the child from behind and overrun it. The point here is that instead of instant killing, the child’s screams continued for many seconds. The few seconds before death can be said to be the most excellent form of torture for a child, both physically and mentally. “Fear has a freshness.

The more frightened you are, the more your emotion dies. It’s the moment when it switches to. How was it? A fresh and fresh taste of fear and death…” This is the magician who feeds on fear. After that, he kidnapped many children and did outrageous things in his base workshop. Above all, the scene where a child was crucified with many thick nails on a pillar and called art was a scene that made viewers feel helpless.

“Attack on Titan” Season 3 (2018-2019) I looked back on the torture scene that caused me to shake my body unintentionally due to the visual sensation of pain. However, there are also torture scenes that are painful but laughable.

In the anime Attack on Titan season 3, episode 2, Levi and Hange torture a military police officer named Sanes. Sanes himself is a black man who has tortured and killed many innocent people, so he deserves his own credit, but in the original comic, this scene is more humorous.

“This is the first time I’ve ever experienced human torture!” Hanji leans forward and sets pliers on his fingers. Sanes panicked and preached to the enemy, “At least ask me something about torture! Is there anyone who peels off his nails without asking anything!!” And when Hange puts in the effort. “Ah!” I admire the skillfulness of the dialogue drama, in which the gruesome torture turns into a joke. I feel like I caught a glimpse of the depth of suffering.

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