A heart-pounding comedy of ‘All-out negative mourning woman’ ‘Bouquet for ugly.’ TV animation decision

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Sakuraku Roku’s manga “Bus ni Hanataba wo.” has been decided to be made into a TV animation.

Serialized in “Young Ace” (published by KADOKAWA), the work tells the story of a dull “botchi JK” Tabata Hana, who spends her time quietly in the corner of the classroom, meeting Yosuke Ueno, the most handsome boy in the school caste.

As a result, changes come to Hana’s daily life. A self-deprecating heart-pounding comedy unfolded by a “full-powered negative mourner.”

The final 12th volume of the comic was released on November 4th.

A follow-up report on the animation will be announced later in Young Ace.

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