TV anime ‘MASHLE’ cast unveiled PV

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From the TV anime “MASHLE” scheduled to be broadcast in 2023, the cast ban PV has been released, and the primary cast information has been lifted.

In addition to Chiaki Kobayashi, who has already released the main character Mash Burndead, Leiji Kawashima will play Finn Ames, Kaito Ishikawa will play Lance Crown, Takuya Eguchi will play Dot Barrett, and Rena Ueda will play Lemon Arvin. Handle.

TV animation “MASHLE-” cast ban PV

Mash Burndead cv. Chiaki Kobayashi

A rare boy who can’t use magic. He crushes all charm with his trained muscles, but he is ignorant of common sense and tends to do anything. he loves ice cream.

Finn Ames cv. Leiji Kawashima

A boy who shares a room with Mash in the dormitory. Tsukkomi and Mash’s first friend

Lance Crown cv

He has considerable magical power, and his academic performance is top-class.

Dot Barrett cv. Takuya Eguchi An

Impulsive and noisy boy. He is the unpopular type and has an intense hatred for handsome guys.

Lemon Irvin (CV. Reina Ueda)

Since being helped by Mash in the transfer exam, she has liked Mash.

The TV anime “MASHLE-” is scheduled to air in 2023. Details are on the anime’s official website.

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