A new movie version of ‘PSYCHO-PASS’ will be produced! 10th-anniversary project started

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It turned out that the 10th-anniversary project of the anime “PSYCHO-PASS” will start in October 2022. The production of the latest series “PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE theatrical version” has also been decided, and the anniversary year will be exciting.

The “PSYCHO-PASS” series is an original animation depicting a police organization that is questioned for justice, set in a near-future society where human psychological states are quantified and managed. The first season of the TV anime “PSYCHO-PASS” began broadcasting in 2012, with the second season in 2014 and the third season in 2019.
In parallel with that, the first movie version of the series was released in 2015. In 2019, the theatrical trilogy was released in succession, and in 2020, the final version of the third season of the TV animation was also released in theaters, making it a popular work.

Prior to the start of the 10th-anniversary project in October 2022, the 10th-anniversary project’s main visual has been released. Shinya Kogami and Akane Tsunemori, the main characters of the first season, were the main characters, and nostalgic members such as Nobumoto Ginoza, Yayoi Rokugozuka, Shusei Agata, Tomomi Seiriku, and Shion Tonomori gathered in the upper row.
In the lower row, the main characters of season 3, Arata Shindou and Kei Michael Ignatov are also shown, along with Shogo Makishima from season 1 and Kirito Kamokai from season 2, as well as key persons. . Finished with a special visual unique to the 10th anniversary.

The production of the latest series “PSYCHO-PASS PROVIDENCE” has also been decided.

The teaser visual of this work gathers characters from the TV series, centering on Tsunemori Akane, an inspector of the Public Safety Bureau Criminal Division 1. With Nobumoto Ginoza, Mika Shimotsuki, Sho Hinakawa, Yayoi Rokugozuka, and Teppei Sugo from the Criminal Affairs Division of the Public Security Bureau, and members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Coordination Bureau Action Division, including analysts Shion Tonomori, Shinya Kogami, and Frederica Hanashiro. , Joji Saiga, who supported Tsunemori’s investigation as an analyst in the past, will be present, and the visuals make us expect that this will be the culmination of the series.

The director will be Naoyoshi Shiotani, as in the previous series, and the animation will be produced by Production I.G.

Tomokazu Seki is appointed as the ambassador for the 10th-anniversary project. With the theme of “gratitude”, various projects will be held for the fans who have supported the work so far.

First of all, the radio program “PSYCHO-PASS Radio Public Security Bureau Criminal Division 24:00” will be revived for a limited time. The personalities are Tomokazu Seki, who plays Shinya Kogami, and Kenji Nojima, who plays Nobumoto Ginoza, as they did 10 years ago.

It will be distributed on the Internet radio stations and “Spotify” and will be updated on the second Friday of every month from September.

The national tour event “PSYCHO-TOUR in Loft” will start from Loft Nagoya on November 2nd, and will tour all over Japan, including Kyoto, Tenjin, Sendai, Umeda, Shibuya, and Yokohama.

The 10th-anniversary project’s main visual products and Shinya Kogami illustration goods drawn by character designer Naoyuki Onda will be on sale.

The online exhibition “PSYCHO-PASS -ONLINE EXHIBITION-” will start on December 2nd. Anyone can enjoy it on a browser, and there are plans to display famous scenes from seasons 1 to 3 and sell goods using newly drawn illustrations.

The official fan clubs “PSYCHO-BOX” and “PSYCHO-PASS for Sugotoku” are planning to distribute a lot of FC-exclusive content. Illustration goods drawn exclusively for the FC have also been decided to be sold, and Shinya Kogami, Akane Tsunemori, and Nobumoto Ginoza have dressed up as visuals.

In addition, the “Public Safety Bureau Criminal Division Purchasing Department” will open at Noitamina Shop & Cafe Theater (4th floor of Aqua City Odaiba) from September 3rd throughout the year. In addition, we plan to broadcast a limited corner in the Noitamina shop of “Resurrection! PSYCHO-PASS Radio Public Security Bureau Criminal Division 24:00”.

From August 16th, a birthday campaign will be held for all 13 characters, starting with Shinya Kogami. Goods and menus using Chimi character illustrations drawn by Yupon will appear, and fan club members will also be able to get original wallpaper and bonus clear cards.

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