‘Spy x Family’ TBS Yuko Wakabayashi announces Anya’s cosplay. ‘Too high perfection’ and ‘winning’ echoes

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Color contacts are serious about being self-made. We keep getting compliments on the quality.

TBS announcer Yuko Wakabayashi has become a hot topic by showing off the cosplay of the character Anya from the popular anime “SPY x FAMILY”.

The appearance was released on the official Instagram of the TBS program “Sunday Japon”. In the comments, there are reactions such as “Mecha Anya” and “Too high perfection”.

Color contact lenses are my own. Surprised by the high degree of perfection In “Sunday Japon” broadcasted on August 14, Anna Wakabayashi interviewed the 100th comic market (common name: Comiket) for the first time in three years. It seems that the cosplay show was part of that.

According to a post published on the official Instagram of the program, Anna Wakabayashi used her own colored contact lenses to achieve high reproducibility and quality in Anya’s cosplay.

Many celebrities have cosplayed Anya and the characters of “SPY x FAMILY”, but Anna Wakabayashi’s quality is “winning”, “too cute”, “pretty Anya”, and “this is the news… Can’t you read it?” Various responses were received.

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