‘Abe Mario’ is trending ‘Doraemon and wings do not come out’ ‘Tokyo Olympics peak.’

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The closing ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics was held on the 8th at the National Stadium in Tokyo. A takeover ceremony with Paris, the venue for 2024, was also held, and ” Abe Mario, “which appeared at the takeover ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics, has entered the trend on Twitter.

Rio In the video shown at the succession ceremony of Rio, Captain Tsubasa, Doraemon, Hello! Content that summarizes Japanese pop culture, such as Kitty and computer games. Finally, Doraemon and Mario installed a clay pipe at the scramble intersection in Shibuya.

When I pierced the earth with a drill, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe climbed up from a clay pipe installed in the center of Rio’s stadium in the shape of Mario. It made the world stunned. It seems that he remembered the video of this sober closing ceremony and the takeover ceremony in Paris. On the net, “I was so excited at that time, Mario, Doraemon, Tsubasa, Kitty, but who is the actual performance? It’s a pity that I didn’t appear in the production by one person.” I should have competed in the animation and games that Japan can be proud of. ” It was good, but Abe Mario hasn’t exceeded it. “

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