Yuya Tegoshi ‘Eva’ Kaworu Nagisa cosplays at the venue and smiles at ‘It’s a human being on this side!’

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Former NEWS Yuya Tegoshi appeared as a secret guest on the event stage of the world’s largest cosplay festival, “World Cosplay Summit 2021,” held in Nagoya City on the 8th. Kaworu Nagisa’s “Plug Suit” version of “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” prepared performed a singing performance for this day.

Warm ale was sent to the cosplayers representing each country and region participating online in the “World Cosplay Championship Video Division,” the world’s number one cosplayer. On stage, she sang the theme song “One Last Kiss” of “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” that matched her cosplay costume and fascinated the venue.

We talked about the fun and charm of cosplaying in the talk part, and the event participants also sympathized. Along the way, the MC pointed out that he was a “human being on this side” because of his enthusiasm for talking about cosplay and his favorite games, and he smiled with a big smile.

In the media coverage conducted before the stage appearance, he touched on the joy of appearing at the World Cosplay Summit, the preparation of unique costumes for that, the significance of holding an online event, and manga and anime that Japan is proud of. I was enthusiastic about conveying the appeal of the game to the world.

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