Aimer provides a newly written song for the JRA brand commercial drawn in the full-length anime.

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Aimer’s new song “crossovers” has been selected as the CM song for JRA’s brand CM “Today, my story runs.”

[Video] JRA brand commercial “Today, my story runs” (4 others) I made this song while thinking about the brilliance of my many thoughts and prayers.”

The commercial’s original full-length animation depicts the bond between a thoroughbred and the people involved. “Today, my story runs” will be broadcast on TV from January 2nd and is also available on JRA’s official YouTube channel.

Comment from Aimer I made a song called “crossovers” for the JRA brand CM song. When an important story starts running, many thoughts and prayers intersect at that place. It is a song that I made while thinking about that brilliance. I would be happy if this song could give a gentle yell to all of you trying to run with a dream.

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