Animation ‘Oshi no Ko’ 1st final episode & 2nd production decided! To the 2.5-dimensional stage ‘Tokyo Blade’ edition

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KADOKAWA announced the production of the second season of the TV  anime “[ Oshi no Ko ]” on the 28th, after episode 11, the first season’s final, was aired. A teaser visual and a promotional video has been released to commemorate this.

In the 11th episode of “Idol” of the new visual commemorating the decision to produce the second season, Ruby, Kana Arima, and MEM Cho, the unit B Komachi, I stood on stage for the first time. In the second season, I’m curious about the future of B Komachi and Ruby’s twin brother, Aqua.

In the second teaser visual, three members of B Komachi, Aqua, twin mother Ai, and Akane Kurokawa holding the script for the 2.5-dimensional stage “Tokyo Blade” appearing in the original are drawn. Based on the manga of the same name (written by Aka Akasaka, drawn by Mengo Yokoyari) serialized in ” Weekly Young Jump. “

The anime’s first episode will be broadcast as a 90-minute expanded version. The opening theme song, “Idol” by YOASOBI, also attracted attention.

The second period’s broadcast station and start time will be announced later. Ai: Rie Takahashi, Aqua: Takeo Otsuka, Ruby: Yurie Ikoma, Kana Arima: Megumi Han, Akane Kurokawa: Manaka Iwami, MEM Cho: Rumi Okubo, Goro: Kento Ito, Sarina: Takayanagi Chiba, Aqua (childhood): Yumi Uchiyama (Various News Editorial Department)

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