Natsumi Abe to continue as Liberty Theatrical animation ‘Paw Patrol The Mighty Movie’ trailer unveiled

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In the latest movie version of the popular anime series “Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie” (released on December 15), following the previous work “Paw Patrol: The Movie,” the movie’s original character Liberty is back. It was announced that Natsumi Abe would continue to be in charge of the Japanese dubbed cast.

“Paw Patrol, the Mighty Movie” The team “Paw Patrol” consists of the leader Kent who confronts various troubles with the slogan “Pow! Solve! Perfect!” However, following the previous work, the stage is moved from Adventure Bay to Adventure City, and “a story that everyone does not know at all” is drawn.

In this work, a magical meteorite falls in the big city Adventure City, and the Paw Patrol gets Mighty Power and transforms into the strongest puppy, “Mighty Paw Patrol.” On the other hand, his nemesis Mayor Rybal joins hands with the mad scientist “Vee,” a terribly clever scientist, and begins a scheme to take away this mighty power.

Abe, who played the role of Liberty, who appeared as a new member of the movie original “Paw Patrol The Movie” because he was a Paw Patrol fan with his parent and child, was happy to reunite with Liberty and play the voice again. , “I got a Pow tag two years ago, and now I can meet Liberty again, who became an official member! Or something like that!? That means Liberty too!?

In addition, the narrator of the special news that has been lifted is Junichi Suwabe, who is familiar as a big fan of Paw Patrol and who was in charge of the voice of Reporter Marty in “Paw Patrol The Movie.” Starting with the fun interaction with Rubble, who leans forward in good spirits, saying, “I love curry and rice!”

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