Anime ‘Attack on Titan’ Broadcast ‘Sacred Land’ Hita City Crowded with fans

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The final version of the popular anime “Attack on Titan” will be broadcast this weekend. Visit related spots in Hita City, considered a “sacred place” in the author’s hometown. It was crowded with people.

Hita City, the birthplace of Hajime Isayama, the author of Attack on Titan, is working to revitalize the city through his works and is considered a “sacred place” among fans.

This weekend, the first part of the final part of the anime was broadcast, so there are related spots, such as a statue of a character looking up at a massive wall of a dam in the city and a restaurant offering a menu related to the anime. It was crowded with many people.

Of these, the “Museum,” where original drawings and materials were collected, was visited by a series of visitors on the 5th. Photographs of the giant’s model and the desk used by Mr. Isayama were taken.

About 1,400 people visited this weekend alone, an increase of about 25% from the previous week.

A woman in her 40s who visited from Chiba Prefecture said, “I came because I was excited when I saw the final version. The original drawings deeply moved me.”

In addition, Mr. Shigemoto Mori, who is in charge of the museum, said, “Even in the second part of the final part, we plan to make various efforts throughout Hita City to make it more exciting, so I would be happy if more people visited from overseas.”

The second part of the final part of the anime “Attack on Titan” will be broadcast in autumn this year.

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