Watch over 30 new anime for fall 2022, and select seven recommended anime based on intuition from just one episode

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The rain continued to fall, and the temperature was utterly autumnal. I accidentally watched more than 30 new autumn anime when I was lounging at home because of the weather.

That’s why I want to announce an anime I wanted at the time of episode 1. As always, it is limited to new works and has nothing to do with topicality. But, without hesitation, I (Nakazawa) thought it was good.

Roshao Heisenki The Future I Choose

I introduced “Rakugoku Senki: The Future I Choose” in a previous article, but even after watching over 30 new titles, it was still No. 1. While having a Ghibli-like strike zone, the edgy action is, first of all wonderful, and I’m curious about how the story will develop from now on. It was one episode that felt the depth of the Chinese net.

Chainsaw Man

On the other hand, the edgy “Chainsaw Man” is the pride of Japan this season. There was only a hit work of Shonen Jump, and the drawing quality was very high.

I felt that one episode alone wasn’t that impressive, but looking back, I feel like I felt the same thing in one episode of Kimetsu no Yaiba and Jujutsu Kaisen. So if you look at it based on that, it’s still above the top, and if you don’t choose words, you can feel the aura of money being spent, so it can be said that it was an episode that can be expected to have potential in the future.

Immoral Guild

I’m not good at terrestrial anime that sells sex appeal. One episode ends with a lot of momentum. This is because many works have nothing but sex appeal. However, even I was able to enjoy “The Immoral Guild”.

The depiction of the heroine being attacked by slime is frequent, so you might think it’s the usual sexy anime, but the quality is usually high. It seems that sex appeal is used as one of the comical productions, so it is instead a hybrid. Rather than worrying about the future, the stupid feeling of omission makes me stop thinking. It was an episode that gave me a feeling that it would be a break during the week.

The above three things stood out. Since each is a different mountain top, I think many people have the same opinion. But how about four from here? Let’s keep going. The following four works were personally followed.

My master has no tail.

At the point when the raccoon dog performs rakugo, it is somehow healed personally. It’s like an ecstatic family. Still, it’s a story about becoming an apprentice to a rakugo storyteller, so you’ll likely be impressed by your growth. Expect to cry in about ten episodes.

Each of the four people tells a lie.

I somehow feel “Kill Me Baby”, where each character blurs out from the setting. Therefore, it is a full swing, and its exquisite stupidity has become a habit. It was a story that seemed to bring out refugees.

Bocchi the Rock!

I’m a guitarist, but “Bocchi the Rock!” The view of the guitarist depicted in” was quite natural. A true guitarist …! There are scenes where the primary character filter of anime is applied, but from a guitarist’s point of view, the degree of sympathy is higher than that of other bands, and it may be said that it is a work that has not been seen so much.

Do It Yourself!!
If you want to enjoy the heartwarming atmosphere of this season, “Do It Yourself!! In today’s world of news that makes you feel suffocated whether you look left or right, I think that what is needed is the smile of the main character, Serufu. At least I was.

That’s it. I feel that loose works are substantial this term, but is this also the era? Well, as of 20:00, I’m still at work writing articles. So it’s about time to go home and say, “Bocchi the Rock!” Let’s watch episode 2.

“Roshao Heisenki” The future I choose” Japanese dubbed opening scene.

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