Anime ‘Chikawa’ Mezamashi TV broadcasts daily from spring, ‘Chikawa Fortune-telling’ also started.

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It has been decided that the anime “Chikawa” based on Nagano will be broadcast daily on Fuji TV’s information program “Mezamashi TV” from this spring.

“Chikawa” is a story about the days of “something small and cute,” commonly known as “chiikawa.” It was reported that Doga Kobo would animate it in October last year. Nagano commented on the animation, saying, “Thank you for the Chiikawa who move around vigorously from the morning!”

In addition, “Chikawa Fortune-telling,” which is a collaboration with “Chikawa,” will start on “Mezamashi TV” broadcast on January 4th today. “Chikawa Fortune-telling” will appear in the 5:58 broadcast of the corner “Mezamashi Fortune-telling.”

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