Ken Akamatsu’s manga UQ HOLDER! To complete, in about eight years of serialization, the LDP official candidate for the Upper House election

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Ken Akamatsu, the author known for the popular manga “Love Hina,” updated his Twitter on the 3rd and serialized “UQ HOLDER!” In “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha). Reported the final writing work. Regarding Mr. Akamatsu, in December last year, the Liberal Democratic Party announced that it would be proportionally supported as the second official candidate for the upper house election this summer.

Mr. Akamatsu said, “Finally, we will start writing the final episode of” UQ Holder, “which has continued for eight years.” “The final deadline is January 26. The publication in the separate magazine is February 9, and the comics Volume 28 (final volume) will be released on March 9. I will do my best until the end! “

The fans said, “I will continue to support writing activities and politician activities in response to this. Please take care of yourself and do your best.” They responded with “premonition of the big circle,” “I’m supporting you till the end,” “finally it’s over … a work that is full of our youth”.

“Magical Teacher Negima! The sequel to this is a near-future battle fantasy in which “immortals” are moving. A boy, Tota Konoe, who lived in the peaceful and boring countryside, dreamed of going to the capital and raising a flag. For that reason, he was a parent of raising and spent days challenging the excellent magical user, Yukihime. However, the bounty hunter who appeared in front of the two who lived in harmony while fighting ended the peaceful days in the countryside. This is the story of those who have become crappy things.

Serialization started in 2013 in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” and then transferred to “Separate Volume Shonen Magazine.” It was also made into a TV animation in 2017.

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