Anime “Chikyugai Shojo”, two parts before and after will be released sequentially from January 2022

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The original animation “Chikyugai Shojo,” written and directed by Mitsuo Iso, who worked on the TV anime “Denno Coil,” was released in 2022. The work consists of two parts, the first part and the second part, which will be released in theaters from January 28th and the second part from February 11th for a limited period of two weeks.

The concept and concept visual of “Chikyugai Shojo” was announced in 2018 as the second original animation by Mr. Iso. Animation production is in charge of the studio “Production + h.” Newly established in July 2020, and character design is in charge of works such as “Symphonic Psalm Eureka Seven” and “Gundam Reconguista in G” Yoshida. This is Kenichi.

Along with announcing the release date, Toshiyuki Inoue, who worked on theatrical animations “AKIRA” and “GHOST IN THE SHELL,” will participate as the main animator on the official website. Mr. Inoue, an old friend of Mr. Iso, thought that he could not fully meet Mr. Iso’s order when making “Denno Coil.” He said in a comment that he decided to participate in.

Also, comments from Mr. Iso and Mr. Yoshida are posted. Mr. Iso explained about the work in a comment, “I’m going to draw an adventure story of harahara and pounding that ordinary junior high school students and elementary school students can jump in.” The production status is conveyed with the words “I can’t escape from the future” that appeared in the particular news video.

Comment from Mitsuo Iso

I want to draw a bright and exciting universe and the future as an anime stage! That was the reason I first decided to make this work. Speaking of the universe and the future, I feel that only dark dystopia has become popular these days, but in “Chikyugai Shojo,” I intend to draw an adventure story of harahara and pounding that ordinary junior high school students and elementary school students can jump into. There is a convenience store in the universe this time, and you can use your smartphone! Please look forward to the main story!

Comment from Kenichi Yoshida

There is no need to go to space. It can’t be helped to dream. Look at the reality. Could you not do it because it fails? I feel that we are in a world where many opinions talk about the real thing. Both I and Iso decided to make this work, saying, “If so, let’s go to space.” Please experience it together. You can’t make a mistake without trying.

Comment from Toshiyuki Inoue

I think Mitsuo Iso is a person who will leave a name in the history of animation in Japan, no, in the world as an animator. There is no option to decline such a direct invitation from him! It’s a lie (laughs). I was lost. The truth is that I decided to participate in this work because I thought that “Denno Coil” couldn’t fully meet his order, and I wanted to fulfill that humiliation. Stay tuned for the results and how!

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