Hiroshi Nohara’s ‘Office worker is hard’ episode The unreasonableness from the director is too terrible!

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Hiroshi stretches out for the company.

Approximately 30 years have passed since the start of broadcasting. “Crayon Shin-chan” is an anime that depicts the ridiculous everyday life of the Nohara family, centered on Shinnosuke. In this article, we will focus on Hiroshi Nohara, the central pillar of the family that supports the family. Although he is a 35-year-old salesman who works for Futaba Shoji, many episodes in his work are at the mercy of the company.

Stretch your beard for trading! ??

First of all, it is an episode called “Higemoja Dad Zo.” One day, Hiroshi and his junior Kawaguchi, who the director called, will be entrusted with a big deal. However, the command issued to Hiroshi and Kawaguchi was to “stretch the beard.” It seems that the other party’s president is a beard lover. If the board is not growing, he will not be able to sit in the negotiations. It’s pretty unreasonable. However, Hiroshi will start his beard-raising life for a month, just for the company’s sake.

Along the way, his long-stretched beard was scared by his daughter’s sunflower, which sometimes shook his heart, but he continued to stretch it until it became fluffy.

After all, on the day of negotiations, the other party’s president suddenly changed, so I no longer needed a beard. Still, I got a glimpse of Hiroshi’s company love and patience to respond to any request as a company employee. It was an episode.

Sudden plain clothes commuting day

Next is the episode “My dad is going to work in plain clothes.” This unreasonable first time also begins with a word from the director. The content is “Next week, and we will have a plainclothes commuting day at our company.” Hiroshi goes home and looks for his clothes that look good in “office casual.” However, none of them are too rough or eaten by insects, so there are no good clothes. Misae Nohara suggested, “Why don’t you buy new clothes because it’s a big deal?” Hiroshi decided to go shopping with Shinnosuke.

However, the action mask I bought for Shinnosuke was unexpectedly expensive at the store, so I ran out of budget. In the end, I bought a set of clothes that I could buy cheaply, but when I went to the company, I ended up wearing them with the managers.

Episodes that reflect the times

In episodes depicting Hiroshi as an office worker, episodes that reflect the current era, such as “remote meetings” and “remote entertainment,” often appear.

Remote entertainment is a series of happenings.

Next is the episode “Zo to entertain remotely.” Hiroshi, the director, Hiroshi, and Kawaguchi, will entertain the executives of the trading partners remotely from their homes using a personal computer. It is unique to “Crayon Shin-chan” in that it reflects the unreasonableness of the times.

Three people faced remote entertainment after having a strategy meeting in advance. However, Shinnosuke came into the story on the way, and Kawaguchi mistakenly took out a rival’s product and praised it, so the happenings did not go well.

However, in the end, the casual exchange between Shinnosuke and Himawari gave birth to an idea for a new product, and the entertainment was somehow successful.

Emotions are transferred to the monster because of the pain! ??

Hiroshi endures hardships at the company (mainly unreasonableness from the manager) every day. He often has a habit of embracing emotions when he sees something he is struggling with. For example, in the episode “Phantom is a painful zo,” I fought with Shinnosuke holding an action masked figure and a monster figure. Hiroshi said to Shinsuke, who was trying to get rid of the monster right away, “I’m sorry to get rid of it so easily,” and “I’m doing my best for my family.” He was intoxicated with alcohol and was crying and complaining to Shinsuke.

Also, in the episode “Zo where bean sprouts grow,” emotions are transferred to the rainy day bean seedlings. The healthy appearance of the bean sprouts, which grows upward again even if they are cut or cut, overlaps with myself, who is doing his best without making a soft noise even when it is complex as an office worker.

Looking back on the episode, it can be said that Futaba Shoji itself is a rather messy company in the first place. In the upcoming anime “Crayon Shin-chan,” what kind of unreasonableness Hiroshi will be shaken by the director, and what kind of things he will put himself on and embrace … Pay attention to the struggle and melancholy of the office worker Hiroshi Nohara. Is.

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