Anime ‘Estab-Life Great Escape’ FOD exclusive advance delivery

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The TV animation “Estab-Life Great Escape”, which is one of the original projects “Estab-Life” scheduled to be broadcast on Fuji TV’s animation frame “+ Ultra” and others from April, will be exclusively pre-distributed on FOD from March 1st. To.

This project is a general term for stories developed in three media: anime, the smartphone game “Unity Memories”, and the movie “Revengers Road”.

The stage is the experimental city “Tokyo” managed by AI. The actual town has evolved like Galapagos, and there are countless clusters (regions) surrounded by habitual walls. The city is diverse, where various races and races such as ordinary people, beastmen, cyborgs, and demons live.

Anime is the story of such producers (escape shops) who can let people who cannot adapt to the cluster they were born into an escape to another place. An original project by Goro Taniguchi directs and produces many animation works such as the “Code Geass” series. Under the direction of Hiroyuki Hashimoto, Shoji Gatoh is the series composition and script, Yusuke Kozaki is the original character design, and Polygon Pictures. Is in charge of animation production.

Episodes 1 to 4 will be delivered from 5 pm on March 1st, episodes 5 to 8 from midnight on March 22nd, and episodes 9 to 12 from midnight on April 12th.

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