Cygames x PAWORKS work animation ‘Akiba Meiji War’ production decision Reina Kondo, Rina Sato in the main cast

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It has been decided to produce the original TV animation ” Akiba Meidou War ” by Cygames and PAWORKS of ” SHIROBAKO.” Reina Kondo and Rina Sato will appear as the main cast. In addition, staff and teaser promotion videos are also released.

Set in Akihabara, this work is a “work animation” that depicts a girl who came to Akihabara dreaming of being a maid, facing her job seriously, and growing up while struggling every day.

Kondo plays the peaceful Nagomi who came to Tokyo dreaming of becoming a cute maid, and Sato plays the former maid Mannen Arako who has returned to Akihabara after being away for a long time. Kondo commented, “Since I first saw the work material, I was convinced this would be a story of maids who are too cute!” So, I enjoyed playing Nagomi every time, “he recalls.

As the central staff, with Soichi Masui as the director of ” Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, “the series composition is Hiki Nohhiro, who is the first challenge in TV animation, and the character design and animation director is ” Become God ” Manabu Nii of ” Sun ” is in charge. Yoshihiro Ike of ” Shadowverse handles the music,” and PAWORKS produces the animation.

The teaser graphic shows the cityscape of Akihabara reminiscent of a long time ago, such as the signboard of the Akihabara department store that closed in 2006, the words “About Moe and Violence,” as well as Nagomi and Arako handing out leaflets in front of the station. It has been. Also, in the teaser PV, Nagomi, who has just arrived in Akihabara, is dressed in a maid costume, and she is depicted working with Arashiko to become her dream maid.

The full comments of Kondo, Sato, Director Masui, and Hiki on the series composition are as follows.

Soichi Masui (Director)
Can Moe and Bakun coexist? Is Kyun Immanent in Bakun?
This problem has always hurt us.
We are alive, alive, active.
Was it okay to start from 1,000 yen?
This is a job. I will work. I will do my best.
Hit! I will kill you! Shoot!
MOE! burn! Moe is coming out!
The staff, the cast, and the characters are all just living seriously …
That’s it …

Hiki Nohhiro (series composition)
The reality is different from the world I once dreamed of.
I think everyone has more or less experience when they grow up.
This work is a story about a girl who came to Akihabara dreaming of being a maid and seriously faces her “work” and grows up.
Her steps may be tiny.
Still, I believe each step is packed with many Moe.
We hope you enjoy the Moe they offer.

Reina Kondo (role of Nagomi Peace)
I’ve been looking forward to the day of the announcement !!
From the first time I saw the work materials, this is the story of the maids who are too cute! I was convinced.
In the dubbing, I played Nagomi while having fun every time with a feeling of Moe Moe Kyun.
I would be grateful if you could watch over Nagomi, who strives earnestly to become a full-fledged maid with warm eyes!
Nice to meet you, Boo! !!

Rina Sato (role of Arashi Mannen) I’m Rina Sato
, who will play Arashi Mannen. The encounter with Arashiko was an audition. Her first line caught my heart, and she fell in love with her. An original story and a full-length work of animation! I can’t tell you all, but it’s terrific work. Please try it for the time being. I want to share this feeling as soon as possible …… !! Together with Arako, I will do my best to be an excellent maid (Heart)

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