‘Anime Song Festival’ is back with a 6-hour long performance! ‘ANIMAX MUSIX 2023’ will perform 64 songs, from new songs to dream collaborations.

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The anime song live event “ANIMAX MUSIX 2023,” sponsored by anime specialty broadcasting station “Animax,” was held at Yokohama Arena on Saturday, November 18.

This year’s ANIMAX MUSIX theme is “Festival”. The vocal performance and 6-hour long performance is back for the first time in 4 years, with 19 gorgeous artists performing, including Uma Musume Pretty Derby, RAISE A SUILEN, Miku Ito, and Maaya Uchida. From anime song tie-ups to today’s only collaborations and covers, the band performed 64 songs in six and a half hours, with live performances by the band. Below is the setlist news.

Event information Date and time: Saturday, November 18, 2023 Doors open: 13:00 Start: 14:30 Scheduled end: 20:30 Distribution: Simultaneously broadcast on Animex Performing artists: Miku Ito, Sumire Uesaka, Maaya Uchida, Yuma Uchida, Uma Musume Pretty Derby, Masayoshi Oishi, Ayaka Ohashi, GARNiDELiA, Sandrion, JUNNA, Nao Higashiyama, TRUE Yuki Nakajima, Aino Nanjo, 4U, MyGO!!!!!, MADKID, Lynn Band: Susumu Nishikawa (BAND Master & Guitar), Hideki Aoyama (Drums), Takaaki Asakura (Bass), Joe (Keyboard), Gentaro Niki (Guitar), Tomoko Ichikawa (Manipulator) Set list M1. SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE! – Yuma Uchida (TV anime “Mysterious Doctor Ramune”) M2.

Comin’ Back – Yuma Uchida (TV anime “Scorching Kabaddi”) M3. Over – Yuma Uchida (TV anime “Ahiru no Sora”) M4. YES !! Ayaka Ohashi (TV anime “Sabagebu!”) M5. Please, please! Ayaka Ohashi (TV anime “Masamune-kun’s Revenge R”) M6. Be My Friend!!! Ayaka Ohashi × MUSIX BAND ( TV anime “The Strongest Demon King in History Reincarnates as Villager A”) M7. Hamtaro Tottokota Liyuu x Yuki Nakajima (Cover) (TV Anime “Tottoko Hamtaro”) M8. Yes! Yuyuyu☆Yuruyuri♪♪ – Sandrion (Cover) (TV anime “Yuruyuri♪♪”) M9.

LOVE AND DEVIL – 4U (“Tokyo 7th Sisters”) M10. Fire and Rose – 4U (Cover) (“Tokyo 7th Sisters”) M11. Funny☆Clutch – 4U (“Tokyo 7th Sisters”) M12. SIN – MADKID (TV anime “The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3”) M13. RISE – MADKID (TV anime “The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 3”) M14. During the Light – Nao Higashiyama (TV Anime “Kakuriyo’s Yadome”) M15. Goo – Nao Higashiyama M16. Blessing – JUNNA × GARNiDELiA (Cover) (TV Anime “Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch of Mercury”) ) M17. Take care of yourself – Yuki Nakajima x Ayaka Ohashi (Cover) (TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam: Witch of Mercury”) M18. Ichizuku Sora – MyGO!!!!! (TV anime “BanG Dream! It’s MyGO !!!!!”) M19. Shadow Color Mai – MyGO!!!!! (“BanG Dream!”) M20.

Time Lapse – MyGO!!!!! × Sandrion (Cover) (BanG Dream!”) M21. No.6 – Miku Ito (TV anime “Combatants will be dispatched!”) M22. Dots and Lines – Miku Ito (TV anime “Stardust Telepath”) M23. TRUE FOOL LOVE – Liyuu (TV anime “More than a couple, less than a lover.”) M24. bloomin’ – Liyuu (TV animeHataraku Maou-sama!! 2nd Season”) M25. Zero sense – MADKID (cover) M26. Hiten – Masayoshi Oishi × Yuma Uchida (cover) ( TV anime “Rurouni Kenshin – Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story”) M27. Gekitei (Ki! Teikoku Kagekidan) – Sumire Uesaka x Yoshino Nanjo (Cover) (TV anime “Sakura Wars”) M28. Angel Ladder – Sandrion M29. Celestial Map – Candrion (TV anime “Stardust Telepath”) M30.

Dear – JUNNA (TV anime “The Ancient Magus’ Bride SEASON 2”) M31. Lineage – JUNNA (TV anime “The Ancient Magus’ Bride SEASON 2”) M32. Hiryu Knight – TRUE (TV anime “Weakest Undefeated Machine Dragon”) M33. UNISONIA – TRUE (TV anime “Buddy Complex”) M34. Ensemble – TRUE (Special Edition Sound! Euphonium ~Ensemble Contest~”) M35. Apocalypse – RAISE A SUILEN (BanG Dream!'') M36. !NVADE SHOW! - RAISE A SUILEN (BanG Dream!”) M37. HELL! or HELL? – RAISE A SUILEN (“BanG Dream!”) M38. Kyoran Hey Kids!! – RAISE A SUILEN × Maaya Uchida (Cover) (TV anime “Noragami ARAGOTO”) M39.

Nameless Story – Yuma Uchida (Cover) (TV anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”)”) M40. Another colony – TRUE × Masayoshi Oishi (TV anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”) M41. Genshi, the girl, seemed to be hungry. – Sumire Uesaka (TV anime “Genshiken II”) M42. Happy End Princess – Sumire Uesaka (TV anime “Tear Moon Empire Story ~A princess’s reincarnation reversal story that starts from the guillotine~”) M43. Beyond the Haze – Nakajima Yuki (TV anime “Goblin Slayer II”) M44. Route BLUE – Yuki Nakajima (TV anime “The Shikimori-san who is not just cute”) M45. ONLY – GARNiDELiA (TV anime “Sacrifice Princess and the Beast King”) M46. Gokuraku Pure Land – GARNiDELiA M47.

The world is falling in love – Liyuu (Cover) (TV anime “Ao Haru Ride”) M48. If it’s only love once – JUNNA × TRUE × Nao Higashiyama (TV anime “Macross Delta”) M49 Moratorium Dance Floor – Maaya Uchida () M50. Loud Heiler – Maaya Uchida (TV anime “The Ice Sword Magician Rules the World”) M51. Love You Tender! – Maaya Uchida (TV anime “A story about you, who has the experience, and me, who have no experience, dating.”) M52. Sen -Sen- – Yoshino Nanjo (TV anime “I went to the capital to become an adventurer.”

The girl who went there was S-ranked.”) M53. Flowers Blooming in the Rubble – Yoshino Nanjo (Game “Grisaia Chronos Rebellion”) M54. Medley: The World You Loved ~ Starlight of Darkness ~ Let the tears flow ~Looking for You – Yoshino Nanjo (TV anime “The Fruit of Grisaia” / TV anime “Grisaia’s Paradise “Caprice’s Cocoon” Edition” / Anime “Grisaia: Phantom Trigger THE ANIMATION Stargazer” / TV anime “Grisaia’s Paradise” “Seeds of Bran Ale”) M55. Kokoro Odor – MADKID × Raychell from RAISE A SUILEN (Cover) (TV anime “SD Gundam Force”) M56. Kaire! Setsugekka – Nao Higashiyama (Cover) (TV anime “Kikou Shoujo wa It won’t hurt”) M57. Dead! – Masayoshi Oishi (TV anime “The Hero is Dead!”) M58. The person you shouldn’t fall in love with is Masayoshi Oishi (TV anime “Ojo to Watchdog-kun”) M59.

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