‘Trillion Game’ decided to be made into a TV anime.

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It has been decided that Riichiro Inagaki and Ryoichi Ikegami’s entrepreneurial survival manga ” ” Trillion Game ” will be made into a TV anime and scheduled to be broadcast on TBS and others. Announcement videos have been released.

The original work, which has been serialized in “Big Comic Superior” (published by Shogakukan) since 2021, is a famous work that has sold over 1.5 million copies (7 volumes so far)—Mr—Inagaki, known for Eyeshield 21 ” “and ” Dr.

Tennouji Haru (commonly known as Haru) is a quick-witted and friendly lousy guy, and Taira Manabu (widely known as Gaku) is a timid computer geek who doesn’t like talking to people. The story depicts how he starts his own business and becomes a businessman who earns $1 trillion and ranks among the wealthiest people. A live-action drama starring Ren Meguro (Snow Man) and Hayato Sano has been airing since July of this year.

Along with the anime adaptation announcement, Mr. Ikegami, responsible for the animation, sent us a congratulatory illustration. The full comment from Mr. Inagaki, who is in order of the original work, is below.

[Richiro Inagaki (original)]
Thanks to everyone’s support, ” Trillion Game ” has finally become an anime! The content is aimed at bold fans, and above all, how will Ryoichi Ikegami’s exquisitely beautiful illustrations work in the anime? I can’t even imagine everything! I’m so excited, too! I was involved as a supervisor, down to the last word.
I’m looking forward to it being super fun! Please take a look!

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