Anime-style online RPG ‘Soul Worker’ Christmas event held!

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The PC online game, the animated action MORPG “Soulworker” of boys and girls selected in the collapsed world, held a Christmas event with an update on December 8, 2022 (Thursday). We are also pleased to announce that we have added the ability to share AR cards within your account.

We are holding a Christmas calendar event!

During the period, an event will be held to present the limited event item “[EV] Christmas Advent Calendar” to all connected users!

You can get a fun package item after emptying the contents!

Let’s open the package every day with excitement this winter!

AR cards can now be shared between characters on the same account!

We have implemented a function to share the account of the equipped AR card.

Along with this, AR cards that could not be shared with characters in the same account can be shared, improving the ease of training.

A new AR card, “Lucy” pickup gacha, will be held!

We will hold an AR card, “Lucy” pickup gacha.

AR card “Lucy” is excellent in extending damage such as critical damage and hit.

If you want to pursue damage, let’s get it!

New costumes added on regular sale!

New costumes, “Sporty and Casual Series,” will be on sale at all times.

The casual but sporty style is light and sound.

Sporty and casual series wearing an image

We are planning various other events and updates, so please look forward to the evolution of Soul Workers in the future.

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