Ranking of the strongest main heroine voice actors in anime history

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A female voice actor who plays a wide variety of roles, from the part of a girl to the function of an old lady, the role of a boy, and the role of a small animal.

Different people have different roles, but many voice actors shine the most when they play the main heroine.

Therefore, this time, we conducted a questionnaire about who is the strongest main heroine voice actor in anime history and ranked it. # 1 Noriko Kuwashima # 2 Aoi YĆ«ki third place Megumi Hayashibara 4 after the position of the ranking result is here!

The first place is ” Houko Kuwashima “!

Shortly after, 1997 was broadcast on ” Nadesico in the” heroine of Yurika misumaru suddenly a popular voice actor and appointed to the role. After that, he will play many popular heroine roles, such as the main character of “The Story of Saiunkoku, “Shurei Hong, and the part of Coral in ” Inuyasha. ” Representative works: Nadesico character name: Yurika misumaru role

The second place is ” Aoi Yuki “!

When he entered the entertainment world as a child actor at the age of 4, he debuted as a voice actor in 2003. In the popular anime ” Puella Magi Madoka Magica ” broadcast in 2011, she played the main character, Madoka Kaname, and won the Voice Actor Award for Best Actress at the age of 19.

The third place is ” Megumi Hayashibara “!

They were debuted as a voice actor in 1986 with ” Maison Ikkoku.” In 1995, he played the main character of ” Slayers,” Lina Inverse, and became a masterpiece. Other national popular anime ” Evangelion of” Rei role, ” Detective Conan of” Vi Graythorn is also known for the role. Representative works: Slayers character name: Lina Inverse officers first place this time from up to 4 positions with a considerable head-to-head ranking. Anxious 4-position to 56-position of the ranking result Please see also. Your anime history most potent of the main heroine is the voice actor you think is the role, in what place rank Did you-in? Photo: Talent data

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