Anime Uzaki-chan wants to hang out! ω’ new key visual announced Tomokazu Sugita and Miki Ito would also appear

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It was revealed on the 5th that the second season of the TV anime “Uzaki-chan wants to hang out!” “Uzaki-chan wants to hang out! ω (double)” will be broadcast on ABC TV from October 1st.

The second critical visual, additional characters, and new character visuals, were also announced, and the appearance of famous voice actor Tomokazu Sugita was decided.

Based on the manga serialized on the digital comic site “DoraDora Sharp #.” A slapstick romantic comedy between Shinichi Sakurai, a third-year university student, and Hana Uzaki, also known as “Uzaki-chan,” a junior who is annoying.

In the new key visual, two people who suddenly meet each other’s eyes in front of a Christmas tree are drawn, and you can feel the change in the daily life of two people who are just seniors and juniors.

Miki Ito will play Haruko Sakurai, the mother of the additional character Shinichi Sakurai, and Sugita will play his father, Shiro Sakurai. Sugita said, “He’s a father, a brother, a teacher, and a nemesis. He’s the son, and he’s the father. He’s someone who can smartly say to a child who doesn’t like him, ‘Please take care of my child from now on.’ I want to be. He is such a wonderful man. Thank you very much.”

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