The official shop of ‘Shonen Jump’ in Shanghai, the first overseas store looking at a vast market

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The official shop of the popular manga magazine ” Shonen Jump ” opens overseas for the first time—full-scale entry into the ever-expanding overseas market.

The official shop of “Shonen Jump,” which has advanced to Shanghai, China, was released to the media on the 3rd, the day before its official opening. Inside the store, there is a machine that allows you to make key chains for your favorite works by selecting images, and there are also many related goods for famous characters.

There is also a figure that arranges the one-piece “Zoro” in the style of a Chinese military commander, and it is said that one piece will be sold for about 100,000 yen for a limited time.

Shueisha Bandai Namco Shanghai, COO Michihiro Aso “There are quite a lot of fans of Shonen Jump even though there is no magazine (in China). I want you to know its value by picking up the real thing and seeing it.” Japan’s overseas market size of anime reached about 1.24 trillion yen in 2020.

According to a survey by the Japan Video Association, it exceeded the domestic market for the first time. While the popularity of anime works made in China is increasing, the challenge of Japanese content continues.

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