Anime ‘Yakami-chan’ Illegal uploads became an ‘ally’ to collect advertising costs. ‘It’s crazy.’

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The production committee for the 3rd season of the anime “Drop Kick on Dropkami on Drop,” “Drop Kick on Drop on Drop Kamigami X” (Yakin-chan), has announced that the existence of illegally uploaded videos that are spreading endlessly on the Internet will be taken advantage of and acknowledged as “legal.” So, the new measures used to promote the same work are attracting attention as “crazy” and “crazy.”

The production committee, KADOKAWA, and Dwango are the secondary creation management and revenue sharing service “Secondary Creator Support Program” (CSP) provided by KADOKAWA and the portal site for creators in the video community service “niconico” operated by Dwango and announced that it would start managing secondary creations of the main anime “Yakami-chan” using “Nikoni Commons.”

By the “Secondary Creation Guidelines,” it is possible to publish and monetize cutout videos, commentary and discussion videos, etc., on YouTube and Niconico. Earnings can be obtained after distributing part of the earnings to the production committee. The truth is unknown, but it is said that the idea was inspired by a legend about a sushi chain that “provided jobs to pirates to eradicate them.”

In July, “Yakami-chan” started a “fight” against illegal uploads after the illicit video clipping of the scene in which the famous virtual singer Hatsune Miku appeared in the first episode was viewed more than 5.5 million times. Before the anime broadcast, clipped videos that had not yet been aired were posted on the official YouTube channel as a “measure that can only be taken officially,”

The number of views exceeded that of illegal videos. On the other hand, according to Mr. Kazuki Yanase, an advertising producer for “Yakami-chan,” more than 1,000 small and medium-sized illegal uploads occur each month. Mr. Yanase said, “Even if you discover these things and report them one by one, you won’t get a single yen, and the management costs will be infinite. So then, instead of fighting against it, I thought it would be better to recognize all of these things as “propaganda for evil gods.

On September 30th, when all 12 episodes of the 3rd season of “Yakami-chan” ended, the “Guidelines for Derivative Creations” were announced. We hope that by encouraging the posting of secondary creation videos, including cutout videos, the topic will continue even after the broadcast ends, and the recognition of the work will spread toward the realization of the 4th season, which will be the sequel.

Regarding the possibility of the anime production committee carrying out similar measures in the future, Mr. Yanase said, “I’m happiest when people say that I’m a ‘Jinjin-chan model.’ I want you to imitate everything. Some things might work,” he said with a smile.

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