‘Aobuta’ Petit Devil Junior and a loop to a happy ending! Looking back on a small love story until tomorrow comes

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The theatrical animation “Seishun Rascal Does Not Dream of Outing Sister” was released on June 23rd. Here, to enjoy theatrical animation more, we will look back on the contents of the TV anime ” Seishun Rascal ” series based on the novel.

The content of the novel “Rascal Does Not Dream of Petite Devil Kouhai” will be the 4th to 6th episodes of the TV anime.

On that day, June 27th, Sakuta heads to school while watching the news that the Japanese national team has won the soccer game. Sakuta and Mai are not dating yet, but Sakuta has been telling him he likes her for a month. She loves Sakuta, but when she sees Mai, who is shy and can’t be honest with her, as a viewer, she says, “Don’t be strong~. Tell her how you feel and be happy~!” I can’t help but think (laughs).

At that point, Sakuta says, “Are you heartbroken… then you have to find a new love?” a line that perfectly understands Mai’s personality and feelings. I’m going to do it!” Completely at Sakuta’s pace! Although she looks cool, Mai is weak against bargaining. The gap is too cute. And then we started dating, but in the novel, there is a scene where Sakuta asks, “Can I hug you?”

Well, the next day… Finally, my lovey-dovey school life begins! As I thought, June 27th came again. Sakuta has been caught up in puberty syndrome again.

When you talk to Rio about the fact that tomorrow won’t come, she will tell you about Laplace’s demon. Laplace’s Devil is an imaginary creature invented by physicist Laplace, who can calculate the momentum of all the atoms in this world and grasp the future situation. Rio thinks that Laplace’s demon is why tomorrow won’t come and advises him to find someone acting differently than before.

Then, on June 27th, for the third time. In the classroom, Sakuta meets Tomoe, who is acting differently than she did on June 27th. Maezawa-senpai confessed to Tomoe at school on June 27th, the first time, but for Tomoe, Maezawa-senpai is someone that her friends admire. I was running away, saying no. At that time, Tomoe falls on the step and knocks Sakuta down, but not only Maezawa-senpai but also Mai sees the scene, which puts him in a big pinch!

Also, I thought there would be no problem because I could redo June 27th, but the next morning I heard a voice telling me about June 28th… Tomorrow has come at the worst possible time. Did Tomoe’s puberty syndrome subside because she didn’t confess…? 

For now, the phenomenon that tomorrow will not come has subsided. However, Koga asks Sakuta to act as “more than a senpai, less than a lover” for the first semester.

Despite his complaints, Sakuta agrees, but Koga says that he doesn’t like being teased in class and that being alone is embarrassing. Sakuta’s feelings are also depicted in detail in the novel, and you can tell that she is close to Koga’s feelings, knowing that she is apprehensive. Mai means Sakuta, “This time, I’ll take care of you.”

Tomoe and Sakuta go on a date because their friends ask them to show their date photos. Tomoe is always on her smartphone, but to be included, she is busy texting back frequently and adjusting her bedtime to match her friends. Tomoe says she’s scared, embarrassed, and doesn’t want everyone to hate her. From her experience of being bullied by her younger sister and being scared of herself at school, her way of thinking is very mature.

The date ends happily, but later, Kunimi hears that there are bad rumors about Tomoe. Meanwhile, Sakuta and Tomoe meet Maesawa-senpai at the station. To Maezawa-senpai, who makes fun of Sakuta and Tomoe’s relationship, Sakuta says, “I’m a virgin!”

Tomoe asks Sakuta, “How should I repay you?” Sakuta says, “Please be my friend when you’re done lying.” Tomoe says, “I’ll be your best friend.” It’s sad, isn’t it?

July 18th, the last day of school before summer vacation… and the previous day of dating as a false lover. Tomoe and Sakuta go on a date at the beach after school. We splashed water in the sea, built sand castles, ate shaved ice, shook hands in the evening, and said goodbye.

However, when Sakuta woke up the next day, July 18th awaited him. Also, Laplace’s Devil’s Puberty Syndrome seems to have happened. Last time, the loop happened because Tomoe wished, “I want to pretend that Maezawa-senpai confessed to me.” In other words, this time, Tomoe wants to change the events on July 18th. She means that Tomoe doesn’t want to quit her lie lover. Painful. When Sakuta tells Tomoe he’s looping, she says, “It’s my first time.” But that’s a lie. Sakuta realizes this and continues her loop. In the fourth loop, Sakuta says, “I’m done with lies.” At this point, Tomoe’s feelings for Sakuta exploded, and in the end, she shouted, “I love you!”

Of course, Sakuta likes Mai, and Tomoe knows that too. Under such circumstances, expressing your feelings takes a lot of courage. Sakuta, who understands that, kindly said, “You did a great job.”

After that, it’s finally July 19th, but it’s supposed to be June 27th! Tomoe confronts the “confession from Maezawa-senpai” that caused Laplace to become a demon and refuses. Tomoe tells Tomoe, “You’re going to have no place in the class, so take responsibility.”

This is the end of the small secret love story that revolves around time with Petite Devil Kouhai. There is also a sad feeling, but I greatly like this last. I am having Tomoe tell her how she feels made me feel refreshed. And finally, Sakuta and Mai are dating! Since it was in the check-in state, I would like to see them loving each other as soon as possible.

Ultimately, we meet a girl named Shoko Makinohara, who is trying to help a sick kitten in the rain. Shoko Makinohara is Sakuta’s first love. He was the one who encouraged Sakuta, who was suffering from her sister’s bullying. Sakuta entered Minegahara High School because she was a second-year student at Minegahara High School, but for some reason, there was no record of her being enrolled.

However, Shoko Makinohara in front of me has the same name and looks similar, but she is not a high school student but a small girl. What the hell is going on? Is this also puberty syndrome or someone else?

In the afterword, Kamoshida-sensei said, “I went out of my way to change the title little by little in the direction of not using numbering.” I just realized that. I watched the TV anime first, so I could read it in the correct order without being conscious of the order (laughs).

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