Turkey is fascinated by K-pop. 65th anniversary of Korea-Turkey diplomatic relations ‘Hot.’

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The ATO Congressium, the largest concert hall in Ankara, Turkey, was filled with the passionate shouts of 3,000 Hallyu fans.

The Korean Cultural Center in Turkey held a congratulatory performance by the idol group’ Future Boys’ and the ‘K-Pop Festival’ together with the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Istanbul Branch of the Korea Tourism Organization to commemorate the 65th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Turkey at the Ato Congressium in Ankara, Turkey on the 28th of last month. Said.

On this day, various units that provide opportunities to experience Korean cultures, such as the K-Pop World Festival awards ceremony, a congratulatory performance by Future Boys, a Korea tourism promotion booth, Hanbok experience, Gift Hill, Hangeul calligraphy, archery experience, Tuho, and Jegichagi were held at the event. Events were also organized.

In the K-Pop World Festival dance category, ‘Aeisira’ took 1st place, ‘FL4C’ took 2nd place, and ‘Evolution’ took 3rd place. In the vocal category, Tamai Özaltun took 1st place, Seyma Nesrin took 2nd place, and Melike Viller took 3rd place.

Future Boys presented various performances through a celebratory concert, including six songs for 3,000 Turkish Hallyu fans. Starting with the stage of ‘KILLA,’ which achieved 10 million views within a week of the music video’s release, a fan meeting was also held to ask questions and answer questions with local Turkish fans.

In particular, all seats for the 3,105-seat celebratory performance on that day were sold out. The Korean Cultural Center in Turkey explained, “The interest and enthusiasm of local fans for K-Pop were intense, with lines forming at the concert hall entrance six hours before the start of the performance for admission.”

Erdem, who attended the celebratory performance, said, “It was great to see Mirae Boys, an idol group I liked, to commemorate the 65th anniversary of establishing diplomatic ties between Korea and Russia.

Chi Chek, who visited the concert hall with a K-pop fan friend, also said, “I came with my friend, but while watching the concert and listening to K-pop, I would have regretted not coming.” “I am so grateful to my friend.”

Park Ki-hong, director of the Korean Cultural Center in Turkey, said, “The K-Pop contest and Future Boys celebration performance held to commemorate the 65th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Turkey is an event for Korea and Turkey to communicate and become one through music and art. I hope that the relationship will develop in a future-oriented way.”

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