‘Attack on Titan’ Die-cut acrylic key chain & ticket holder is now available! ‘Chimi character’ design is also cute

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The latest goods from “Attack on Titan” appear one after another on the anime/manga specialty EC site “Animo.” Reservations are accepted until December 9, 2021.

The items announced this time are two goods, “Die-cut acrylic key chain (4 types in total)” and “Ticket holder (2 types in total)”.
All of them are designed with familiar characters such as Ellen and Levi, and the “Die-cut Acrylic Key Chain” has a lineup of Chimi character versions.

“Die-cut acrylic key chain (4 types in total)” is 1,100 yen (tax included), and “ticket holder (2 types in total)” is 550 yen (tax included). All reservations are being accepted at “Animo” until December 9.

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