The anime ‘Yakami-chan’ has survived with the ‘weak’ strategy. The secret of ‘Zurashi’ is a little different from significant works.

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“SPY×FAMILY,” “Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch,” “Chainsaw Man,” “Bocchi the Rock!” and many other animation works have become hot topics in 2022. Still, one of the works that cannot be overlooked when looking back at this year’s anime industry is “have survived in This is the secret of “Zurashi,” which is a little different from major works [Advertisement P Interview, Part 1] Jashin chan Drop Kick” series (hereafter, Jashin-chan). Even if you don’t usually watch anime, you may have heard about it in the news recently.

Yukio has serialized the original in “COMIC Meteor” since 2012. Set in Jimbocho, Tokyo, this is a popular comedy woven by cute demons and angels centering on the main character, the demon “Jinjin-chan,” and her summoned girlfriend, “Yurine Hanazono.”

“Jashin-chan” was first animated in the summer of 2018, and the third season “Jashin-chan Dropkick X,” will be broadcast this summer. Innovative advertising and business methods, such as collaborating with local governments and collecting production funds through “hometown tax,” are attracting attention throughout the series.

“Yakin-chan is a ‘weak guy,’ so if he does the same thing as a major anime work, he will never win,” says publicity producer Kazuki Yanase. So how do you survive while the anime industry’s business model changes like a seismic shift? I heard about the survival strategy of “Yakami-chan.”

” Zurashi ” advertising strategy created a “difference” from other anime works.

Each time the series is repeated, the advertising method attracts attention. What is the root of the advertising strategy for “Yakami-chan” since the first season of the anime? The first goal of advertising an anime is to get people to know about their existence among the dozens of similar works and have them watch it.

It could be more comfortable, but my first advertising job was buying a signage ad for Akihabara Station. Planting a single tree in the forest will not stand out. I could not leave any results as a result of doing that publicity. But at the time, I thought that promotion meant placing advertisements in newspapers, magazines, television, websites, etc., so I naturally tried to do what others were doing. But now I understand that “differentiation is what advertising is all about.” Therefore, I switched to a policy of doing what others would not do to create a difference. That is the starting point of the promotion of “Yakami-chan.”

Is it “what others don’t do”? Yes. By the way, even if it’s “something others are doing,” if you can attack with an overwhelming amount of material against the background of substantial financial power, that will create a “difference” to others, so that’s the way of the royal road. It’s entirely ant.

However, since Jashin-chan is weak, there was no way to take such a strategy, so I had no choice but to devise the method. Specifically, I learned that I could make a difference if I shifted a little from the idea that it should be like this. For example, April Fool’s Day 2018. Do you often come up with exciting stories?

On April 1st, “Jashin-chan” replaced its homepage with a natural dropkick photo of a female professional wrestler. Here are some of the most common funny stories. However, Jashin-chan collaborated with the women’s pro-wrestling group “Stardom” and held an actual event, “Evil God Class Title Match” and “Evil God Class Title Match” at the pro-wrestling sacred place, Korakuen Hall. Kami-chan Pro-Wrestling Final” was held. We brought the voice actors into the ring and had real professional female wrestlers dressed up in character costumes perform real drop kicks. It’s an April Fool’s fake.

This made a difference among the many April Fool’s Day projects. That was the very beginning of the idea of ​​”scratching.” “Zurashi,” born from a lack of money, was a consistent advertising strategy for “Jajin-chan.” In particular, I heard that the advertising budget for the second season was severe. I agree.

There is expected to be a gap of more than a year between the 1st and 2nd terms. In this case, the promotion for the 2nd season will usually be carried out after the 2nd season is close to airing. However, in the case of Jashin-chan, the 2nd season was decided by declaring, “If the package (BD/DVD) sells 2,000 copies, the 2nd season will be done.”

On the other hand, the committee had a very small advertising budget… At this rate, advertising expenses are too small to make it to broadcasting. So to make it through, we can only proceed with projects other than earning our own money and raising advertising expenses, which is a promotion. That’s how crowdfunding started. At the very beginning, the three angels (Pekora, Poporon, and Pino) ​​that appear in the play will form a unit called “Foreign Pop” and create character songs and goods.

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