‘Attack on Titan The Final Season’ Who is Jean’s ‘delusional wife’? The person who emerges is a topic / Animation Episode 84

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In the midnight animation “Attack on Titan The Final Season” on Sunday, March 6, 2022, episode 84, “The Night of the End”, was broadcast. Over the “black-haired woman” that appeared in Jean Kirstein’s delusion, the viewers seemed to be very excited, “You look like Mikasa !?” “Jean, you’re still Mikasa”.

This time, which began with Jean’s delusion, he said, “The house naturally demands a prime location in Central.” “I will drink fine sake in the morning or the afternoon, and I can’t complain to anyone.” Episode of. In the delusion, there was a figure of Jean who enjoyed drinking in a prime location in Central, and on that side was a figure of a woman who seemed to be his wife.

Her face is not drawn, but her hair is long black hair, and her right cheek is like a scar. Based on that characteristic, Mikasa Ackerman passed through the viewer’s mind.

Speaking of Mikasa, she now has her hair short, but she had long black hair in her early days. When she first met Jean, she had long black hair, and at first sight, she fell in love with Mikasa, who had her beautiful black hair fluttering.

For that reason, this case became a big topic among viewers. On SNS, there were a series of responses such as “Jean’s delusional bride is firmly Mikasa www”, “Jean, what are you delusional (laughs)”, “I’m seriously steadfast”, and “I’m dying for such a one-off place”.

However, while dreaming of such a delusion, Jean eventually chose “the thorny road to stop Ellen” with Mikasa and others. I hope his fantasies will come true when everything is about to converge.

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