‘Jump’ A collection of famous lines tickle the kitchen’s heart. ‘When did you have the illusion?’

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Are you speaking of the famous lines of the kitchen fully open?

Have you ever been tickled by the lines of characters in anime and manga? On the internet, “the famous lines of the” jump “work that tickles the kitchen’s heart” became a hot topic. Here are some lines from the works published in “Weekly Shonen Jump,” which had a robust response.

For example, in the popular manga “YuYu Hakusho” by Yoshihiro Togashi, many lines will tickle your heart. Speaking of famous places, Toguro (younger brother) “You think you may not die yet?” And Kurama’s favourite line, “It’s ironic, the villain’s blood has more beautiful flowers … “I like flowers, trees, insects, and animals. I only hate humans,” says Shinobu Sensui, but many people think of “Hiei” first for kitchen characters. It might be.

“I can’t go back anymore because I forgot how to wind it.” “Can you see it !? A real flame technique with a devil is different from your playing with fire. Don’t lick the power of the evil eye.” Not to mention the wording that can’t hide the fact, the particular moves such as the third eye “evil eye” and “join satsuko kokuryuha” engraved on the forehead are also “Hiei”. It is a factor that makes it “= kitchen two characters”.

On the other hand, “BLEACH”, drawn by Professor Kubo Tite, is also a work with many memorable and unique phrases. Many people are particularly attracted to the lines of former fifth captain Sosuke Aizen, “Don’t use too strong words, you look weak.” “Longing is the farthest emotion from understanding.” -Did you have the illusion that you didn’t spend Kyoka Suigetsu? “

Besides, “DEATH NOTE”, “HUNTER x HUNTER”, and “Katekyo Hitman REBORN!” “I like Light Yagami’s” Become the God of the New World “at full throttle.” “Kurapika’s” Death is not scary at all. I want to say “I don’t want to do it” someday. “Kyoya Hibari’s habit of “biting and killing” was often told his friends (laughs). ” rice field.

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