‘Big Windup!’ Talk live will be held. Appearances are Tsubasa Yonaga, Jun Fukuyama, Hiro Shimono.

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Talk of “Big Windup!” It is the third instalment of the event project “Mix an Animation Diary”, featuring titles that have been animated in the past and titles that will be animated in the future by Kodansha’s work. It has been decided that the live will be held on May 21st.

“Big Windup!” It has been serialized in the monthly afternoon since the November 2003 issue. Ten first-year students gathered at the new baseball club of Prefectural Nishiura High School, centred on the bearish and humble pitcher Mihashi. High school baseball manga that grows through games and practice.

In commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the anime broadcast, in addition to Tsubasa Yonaga, who plays the main character Ren Mihashi, Jun Fukuyama (role of Kousuke Izumi) will appear in the daytime section, and Hiro Shimono (part of Yuichiro Tajima) will appear in the nighttime area. Contents that allow you to enjoy the world of “Big Windup!” Will be prepared, such as talks by performers looking back on anime works and game planning.

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