‘Shin Kamen Rider’ appears in ‘Crayon Shin-chan’!

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The animation “Crayon Shin-chan” will be broadcast on Saturday, March 18, 2023. An episode will appear in collaboration with the movie “Shin Kamen Rider,” which will be released nationwide from 18:00 on Friday, March 17, 2023.

Sosuke Ikematsu, Minami Hamabe, and Tasuku Emoto, who appear in “Shin Kamen Rider,” will play the same voice actors as in the movie and co-star with Shinnosuke Nohara.

“Crayon Shin-chan” is an anime based on Yoshito Usui’s manga of the same name. The original series began in 1990 in Manga Action, and since the anime was broadcast in 1992, it has been a national character that men and women of all ages have loved for a long time.

It is a slapstick comedy with plenty of gags that depicts the turmoil caused by Shinnosuke Nohara, a 5-year-old who calls the storm at his own pace, and the daily lives of adults who are swayed. “Shin Kamen Rider” is a movie whose production was announced on April 3, 2021, the 50th anniversary of the broadcast of “Kamen Rider” in 1971. Hideaki Anno, who continues to produce blockbuster works, will write and direct; Sosuke Ikematsu will play the main character, Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider. Minami Hamabe will play the heroine, Ruriko Midorikawa, and Yu Emoto will play Hayato Ichimonji/Kamen Rider No.2. It is produced as a new original work. It will be released nationwide from 18:00 on Friday, March 17, 2023 (excluding some theaters), and will be released nationwide on March 18 of the same year.

This collaboration will be broadcast on March 18, 2023 (Sat) of the anime “Crayon Shin-chan,” the main character of “Shin Kamen Rider,” Takeshi Hongo / Sosuke Ikematsu, who played Kamen Rider, and Ruriko Midorikawa, the heroine. Minami Hamabe, Hayato Ichimonji / Tasuku Emoto, who plays Kamen Rider No. 2, will appear as they are in the movie and have a high-tension exchange with Shin-chan and other familiar characters.

The title of the episode is “Shin Kamen Rider Dazo.” Suppose you enjoy “Crayon Shin-chan” and Heisei “Kamen Rider.” In that case, you may remember that “Crayon Shin-chan” collaborated with “Kamen Rider Den-O” in 2007, and Shinnosuke also transformed into Kamen Rider Shin-Ou.

“Shin Kamen Rider” is also involved in various collaborations with director Anno’s “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version.” A partnership with “Kinnikuman” was in the news the other day. One day in February 2023, Ikematsu, Hamabe, and Emoto appeared at the recording site in the dubbing booth. When you enter, the expression is serious itself! (Ikematsu), “I’m in a hurry!” (Hamabe), and “Emoto!” He carefully wrote to Ikematsu and said, “I’m sweating…” The scene gradually became heated. Ikematsu & Tsukamoto perform perfectly! The staff watching outside the booth praised this, saying, “It’s cool!” On the other hand, Hamabe also embodies the charm of Ruriko Midorikawa with her cool and determined personality.

In addition, as Hamabe said, “I also emphasized kindness in the dialogue with Shin-chan,” he said that he created a character of Ruriko with depth. In this story, the director and Matsuzaka, who have become “Orgs” due to SHOCKER, jack the bus carrying Shinnosuke, Kazama-kun, Masao-kun, and other kindergarteners! “Cloud Org” comes there and tries to kidnap Shinnosuke and others, but Hongo and Ichimonji appear…! The two, who have transformed into Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider No. 2, confront Cloud Aug, but on the other hand, Ruriko is “well-prepared” and acts separately to save the kindergarten children!? What is Shinnosuke’s fate? Tsukamoto commented that the highlight was “a festive feeling with various characters gathered together.”

There was even an action mask!? Shinnosuke x Kamen Rider x Action Mask’s joint battle is a dreamy co-star that you can’t miss. After the dubbing, Ikematsu, Hamabe, and Tsukamoto, impressed with their satisfied expressions, were greeted by the energetic Shinnosuke! With this, all three of us got excited at once! While caring for them after finishing a big job, I said, “I wanted to meet Minami-onee-san~” and slid my body.

Hamabe also responded, “I wanted to meet you too!” Also, Shinnosuke, What kind of child were you when you were five, like yourself? When asked, “I was angry with her mother for imitating Shin-chan” (Ikematsu), “I was a shy child” (Hamabe), and “I was imitating Shin-chan’s voice” (Emoto). We talked about episodes and tried to communicate. In the end, she received a lecture from Shinnosuke, and everyone shook her body like a hula dance with the line “If you look at it.”

The scene was filled with laughter, and the tiredness of dubbing was blown away at once. I can’t believe that Ikematsu, who has been greatly influenced by “Crayon Shin-chan,” will appear in “Crayon Shin-chan” one day! Please enjoy the dream co-starring of “Shin-chan x Kamen Rider,” which will never happen again.”

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