Blind Chinese Athlete Goalball Player Goes Viral As He Looks Exactly Like Gojo Satoru

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The Olympics are over, but the Paralympics are still going on. Paralympic athletes’ contribution is not less than regular athletes, and even their contribution is much more than average athletes! At the scene of the Gateball match, a little brother entered the public’s field of vision because of his appearance!

This is Hu Mingyao, a player on the Chinese team. Because of his white hairstyle and thin body, he resembles Gojo Satoru’s character in the Japanese manga “Spell Return.”

Both of them are of the same style, and the similarity is super high. The contestant Hu Mingyao is like Gojo Go’s teacher who walked out of the animation world. In addition to the similar appearance of the two people’s first love, the light radiating from them is also the same. Wujo Go teacher and contestant Hu Mingyao have encountered hardships in their respective lives, but their struggles are highly dazzling and super inspirational!

The first time I saw Hu Mingyao with white hair, I mistakenly thought the contestant Hu Mingyao dyed his favorite hair color and thought it was fantastic. However, it was later discovered that Hu Mingyao’s gray hair was caused by leukemia. I was shocked by the inspirational Chinese handsome Hu Mingyao.

The event Hu Mingyao participated in was goalball for the blind. Goalball for the blind is a ball game specially designed according to blind people’s visual impairment characteristics. It needs to be based on the player’s sense of touch and hearing to arrange the position of the interception to react quickly. I admire the athletes; they pay more than ordinary people!

Hu Mingyao is a handsome boy born in 1995. Hu Mingyao, born in Yongjia, Wenzhou, in 1995, was selected as the Zhejiang blind goal team in 2009. He participated in the National Paralympic Games three times and won three consecutive championships. He is a superstar in the Paralympic Games. In 2010, Hu Mingyao represented China in the Guangzhou Asian Para Games and won the tournament. In 2014 and 2018, he also won the Asian Para Games runner-up results. It’s a pity that fewer people pay attention to goalball for the blind. Therefore, few people know that Hu Mingyao has made brilliant achievements and the glorious course of winning glory for the country.

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