‘SPY x FAMILY’ Aniori depiction is too excellent and modified! ‘Good-looking guy’ ‘Moe rolled.’

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Lloyd, too handsome! What is Damian’s cute special training?

“SPY x FAMILY,” which is said to be the “hegemony” of the spring 2022 anime, will reach its first climax on June 25, 2022 (Saturday). The “Anime Original” part, which respects the goodness of the original and is arranged excitingly, is also highly evaluated. Among the many “Aniori” depictions, I look back on the episode that deepens my love for the character.

New clothes for Yoru! Lloyd is too handsome.
In MISSION: 3, “Prepare for the exam,” Lloyd takes Yor and Anya to museums and operas to prepare for the Eden school exam. The anime version depicts an episode at a dressmaking shop where Lloyd and Yor met. The fans well received the exchange at this time as “moe!”

Anya is happy to say “Outing Anniversary” in a dressmaking shop wearing clothes that go away. In addition, Yor will be asked to make spare clothes for the interview.

Lloyd replies to Yoru, who leaves the dressmaking shop and says, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for all the clothes.” “Yoru-san, you look good in anything other than red and black. You’ll have more opportunities to go out.” Lloyd praises Yoru, saying, “Any color suits you.” It is a famous scene, “As expected, the best spy in Saigoku” and “Moe rolled.”

The clothes that Yor made on this day seem to have been worn in MISSION: 4 “Prestigious School Interview Test.” The pink dresses that appeared in many clothes, “I wonder if this might happen,” looked great.

Let’s rent a castle and play a beautiful game!
In MISSION: 5 “Whereabouts of Pass or Fail,” Anya, who passed the Eden school in advance, says she wants to “play with the help of the castle” as a reward.

This episode has a lot of original elements added to the animation. First, a small plane operated by Lloyd was added to the depiction of Anya, Yor, and Frankie heading for the “Newston Castle,” which was converted into an amusement park.

Anya is frolicking at the castle, but eventually, she feels depressed, saying, “A castle without enemies and servants is not a castle.” Lloyd moves the organization’s intelligence personnel, even being told, “Anya is sick. I’m about to go to school.”

Spies who can move to the eastern country gather in the castle. In the original, only a party was held, but in the anime, spies began to disturb “Lloyd Man helping Princess Anya” under the direction of Frankie of Norinori.

Anya got excited about the “helped pretend” by renting out the castle. Lloyd has a hard time defeating the attacking intelligence personnel and having a meeting with paintball bullets.

Lloyd arrived at the tower with the inserted song in the background, showing his remarkable physical ability. The drawing of Lloyd, who moves while holding on to the rope against the back of an explosion, is reputed to be “God.” The original part inflated the original and animated the episode that will be a memory of Anya’s life, which received high praise.

Is the training of dodgeball as problematic as fighting animation?

MISSION: 10 “The Great Dodgeball” is full of original parts. First, the scene where Damians and others are rumored to get “Stella” if they become MVP with Dodgeball was drawn. In Damian’s original location, special training to win with a dodgeball is also a highlight.

Damian and his minions give intense special training to climb cliffs and catch the confusing purple ball of light. But in reality, the ridge was a jungle gym, and the soul of light was a swing of tires. The childish smiley special training made the viewer laugh.

An original scene was also created for Bill Watkins (6 years old), who was cast by voice actor Hiroki Yasumoto, known for his astringent and fantastic acting.

Bill, who had been training until night, was encouraged by his father, Major, to “grab Stella in his hand.” Perhaps his father and Bill were played by Hiroki Yasumoto, and surrealism became so popular on Twitter that “Bill” and “Hiroki Yasumoto” became a trend.

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