Broadcast cancellation of the animation ‘Gunma-chan’ explained by Gunma Television ‘Arousing the spirit of gambling.’

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On the 24th, Gunma Television (Gunma Television) announced in a document the circumstances of the cancellation of the 11th episode of the TV animation “Gunma-chan” produced by Gunma Prefecture, which was scheduled to be broadcast on the 12th of this month.

The 11th episode is set in a boat racetrack, and Guntere says, “Purchasing a boat ticket and getting a lot of money, or spending too much on the return train fare is expressed, children and adolescents. I decided it would overwhelm my gambling spirit (feelings and desires to get good luck). ” In the same animation, viewers had pointed out multiple points to the Broadcast Ethics and Program Improvement Organization (BPO) about the time when the bicycle race track was broadcast in October, which was also cited as a reason.

According to Gunma Television, the BPO decided not to deliberate on the October broadcast. Still, the committee members commented, “What is the content that inspires gambling in programs for young children?” That is. (Kaho Matsuda)

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