Naruto Shippuden: 10 Questions About Konohamaru, Answered

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Considering that the Naruto franchise awakened to its sequel show, a few of the characters in the prior creation have already been getting new life at the filler episodes of this anime. One of these characters to view their narrative expanded is Konohamaru Sarutobi.

When initially introduced in the next chapter of this Naruto manga (or even the next installment of this anime), Konohamaru was a young shinobi in coaching who discovered a fellow pupil to respect in Naruto Uzumaki. A couple of years younger than Naruto, Konohamaru emulated his new buddy’s bravery and heard ninja techniques. Within a decade after, Konohamaru became among those elite shinobi in his home village of Konohagakure with a fantasy to become Hokage and a work coaching Boruto Uzumaki.

1. Why Is Konohamaru Named After The Village?

Names generally have particular significance from the Naruto world-class. Franchise creator Masashi Kishimoto frequently gave characters titles that alluded to legends or connected them to some specific trait. In Konohamaru’s instance, he had been appointed for something else which existed in the sequence.

Lately, it was his grandfather who gave him the title, not his parents. His grandfather believed the whole village family and desired Konohamaru’s title to signify that. “Konoha” means foliage, which explains the reason why the village is frequently known as the”Hidden Leaf.” “Maru,” on the other hand, is a suffix used in Japanese, which means ideal. Therefore Konohamaru is your”perfect leaf,” as a nod to his property.

2. Why Isn’t He The InoShikaCho Sensei?

There is a tradition in Konohagakure that in each generation, there is a new InoShikaCho team. The kids of this Yamanaka, Nara, and Akimichi clans are trained together for 15 ages. Usually, they are prepared with a Sarutobi, such as Konohamaru’s uncle Asuma.

Instead, Konohamaru’s buddy Moegi is their sensei. That is probably a consequence of Naruto personally requesting Konohamaru to train Boruto ahead of the teams formed. The same as Konohamaru’s instructor Ebisu became his group’s sensei for a youngster, Konohamaru became the sensei to get Boruto’s Team too.

3. Did He Defeat Temari?

After the inaugural Shinobi World War loomed over Konohagakure, Konohamaru was just 12 years old. He wanted to fight. The Hokage prohibit his creation from being on the front lines, but Konohamaru desired to demonstrate he was competent. His unfortunate choice to express himself was created in the challenging Temari into some struggle – differently.

Due to her expertise, Temari managed to stop him, but when he became distressed, Konohamaru supposed to use his recently discovered Rasengan contrary to her. It was the hindrance of his buddies Moegi and Udon that made Shikamaru step into, that stopped him and enabled him to see that he could help in different ways.

4. Why Did Konohamaru Try To Take A Chunin Exam Early?

Throughout that time, Naruto trained and traveled with Jiraiya while his buddies took their Chunin Exam straight home. With Sasuke and Naruto equally lost, Sakura took her examination with Ino and Choji of Team 10 because their teammate Shikamaru had passed. Konohamaru also attempted to enter the exams, but less himself.

Instead, Konohamaru desired to disguise himself as Naruto and take the examination in his buddy’s place. He did not enjoy the concept that Naruto would not develop into a chunin because he was not in town when everybody else took the examination. Shikamaru found his strategy and stopped him though Konohamaru’s devotion will be called on later on. Shikamaru had Konohamaru stand in for Naruto throughout his Hokage ceremony since Naruto’s daughter hauled him out!

5. How Is His Rasengan Different Than Naruto’s?

Naruto discovered the Rasengan, a method invented by his dad, from Jiraiya. Soon after he found it, Naruto instructed it to Konohamaru. The two shinobi utilized Wind Release to fortify their variant of this Rasengan, however, they had slightly different outcomes.

In the instance of Naruto, he has been in a position to fortify the Rasengan into various shapes, such as the Rasenshuriken, to raise its energy beyond its typical usage. Konohamaru, on the other hand, utilizes a standard Breeze Release: Rasengan, but he is strong enough to tear throughout the entire oceans, something Naruto does not do.

6. What Is His Blood Type?

Even though it’s been connected to racist studies in years past pop culture lovers examine it the same manner astrology fans do find insight into personalities. Manga, anime, and J-pop icons frequently have their blood form recorded in amusement profiles.

From the Naruto supplemental substances, Konohamaru is recorded as Type B. According to the concepts, someone who’s Type B is enthusiastic, friendly, and positive. They are also able to be reckless and impatient. Konohamaru shares his blood form with Naruto, Ino, and Choji.

7. Is He A Writer?

In the first days of the franchise, enthusiasts did not find a lot of career paths for young shinobi. Some may wonder what type of retired shinobi might love to perform. If Konohamaru decides to give up the entire life (which is unlikely because he is a former Anbu manhood and on his route to become Hokage), he could have a fallback strategy.

Throughout the Naruto Shippuden age, Konohamaru along with his teammates Udon and Moegi chose to honor those epic shinobi in their village by beginning a paper. They interviewed their personalities and wrote about them. Fans have not heard about it because Naruto turned down a meeting. Therefore Konohamaru may not have kept up with his writing.

8. Which Nature Transformations Does Konohamaru Use?

In the realm of Naruto, shinobi have tested various ways of utilizing their abilities. All of the shinobi possess an affinity for a particular kind of Nature Transformation but can learn how to use more.

Much like Naruto, Konohamaru spent most of his period for a genin honing his skills with Wind Release, but also like Naruto, he’s learned to use several more. From the time of this Boruto Collection, Konohamaru may additionally use Fire, Yang, and Lightning Releases. Lightning, however, is exclusive to the anime show – up to now.

9. What Initially Makes Him Admire Naruto?

Naruto was the first individual to deal with Konohamaru just like a regular child training to be a shinobi. Throughout their initial interaction, Naruto did not even recognize Konohamaru was associated with the Hokage. Therefore the”honorable grandson” honorific did not also develop.

That has been enough to intrigue Konohamaru. When he learned Naruto desired to become the Hokage too, Konohamaru decided he had to keep an eye on his new rival, even however he also spent lots of his formative years studying from Naruto.

10. Why Did Konohamaru Challenge His Grandfather To Battle?

Konohamaru comes from a well-known family from the village of Konohagakure. The Sarutobi clan has been filled with shinobi who maintain the peace. As soon as the Naruto show started, his grandfather was the Hokage.

Though Konohamaru admired his mommy, he did not especially enjoy how the position led to the villagers to treat him. After Konohamaru made his way through the city, nobody used his name, instead of calling him”honorable grandson.” Konohamaru believed the ideal way to vent his frustration as a kid was challenging his grandfather into a struggle – or sneaking up on him – almost whenever their paths crossed so, he could conquer the Hokage and also be called his very own person.

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