Broadcasting of the second and subsequent episodes of the anime “World’s End Harem” has been postponed to January 2022

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The TV anime “End Harem” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX from October 8th (Friday). It was announced that the broadcast after the second episode will be postponed to the cool in January 2022.

The production committee explained that the reason for the postponement was “because it is necessary to scrutinize the expression.”

The first episode will be broadcast as a remarkably advanced broadcast. The distribution of the main anime, which was also scheduled from today, will be postponed to January 2022 Cool, including the first episode.

“99.9% of men die” Near future erotic suspense.
“World’s End Harem” is a near-future erotic suspense manga serialized on the website “Shonen Jump +.”

The original is by LINK, and the drawing is by Kotaro Shono. It has been serialized since the early days of “Jump +” and has become a representative work. The cumulative circulation has exceeded 5 million.

Kotaro Shono is a well-known figure in the adult manga world. In the media related to “Shonen Jump,” it was initially discussed that an adult manga artist would make his debut.

Amid its popularity, the animation will be announced at the end of 2020.

The director is Yu Shinoda of “Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear” and “High School Fleet,” the series composition is Tatsuya Takahashi of “Katana Maidens Toujou” and “Mr. Koizumi who loves ramen,” and the animation production is “Maesetsu! ] “Kiniro Mosaic” series Studio Gokumi x AXsiZ is in charge.

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