The new work “Space Battleship Yamato” is a work that accepts people in their 40s

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“I have witnessed and experienced more than once that the topics and news of the literary world have not reached or been transmitted to the world by 1 mm. As a novelist, I realized that few things could be disseminated to the world. When I started to feel that kind of atmosphere, the weight of my work shifted to the movie industry. It is said that the current work of “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” and “Space Battleship Yamato 2205″ is on the extension line. It’s a feeling.”

That’s what Harutoshi Fukui (52), who has worked on many best-selling novels such as “Aegis of the Exiled Country” and “Lorelai at the end of the war,” which was made into a movie, says so.

The movie “Space Battleship Yamato 2205 New Departure Previous Chapter-TAKE OFF-“, which he worked on in the series composition, is being screened. From the previous work “Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Love Warriors”, Fukui is deeply involved in this series.

“Credits are a series composition, but in reality, it seems that the role of a producer controls the whole work. The previous work” 2202 “is positioned as a remake of the movie” Farewell Space Battleship Yamato “(1978).

However, there was a problematic condition not to kill the main character. As a result of responding to that, it became a work with many original elements. I had the feeling that I didn’t have anything I wanted to do with Yamato anymore, but I also thought that if I were to do a sequel, I couldn’t do anything other than myself. “

What kind of device was there in the remake version series?

“The original seems to be continuing, but it is not actually continuing. Every time I review it, there is an impression that an idea made it, and there are contradictions. This is a treasure trove of material from the standpoint of the remake. In this work, I also enjoyed bringing in material from the past “New Departure” and “Yamato 3”, making it consistent with the previous work and re-speaking. “

Fukui says that the work is “linked to the modern world.”

“Instead of the battle to protect the Earth so far, this work depicts an entirely new aspect of intervening in the situation of other countries. Humanitarian assistance and relationships with other nations are significant themes. The situation in Afghanistan etc., happens to be a reality. I think it became a story linked to the world. “

In addition to the same series, Fukui has also participated in several “Gundam” works since “Gundam UC” (2010-2014). Although he is a writer, he is critical of Japan’s two major science fiction anime series.

Initially, Fukui revealed that he became a novelist under director Yoshiyuki Tomino, the creator of “Gundam.”

“There are some misunderstandings, but it’s more correct to say that I don’t like anime, but that I like and love Yoshiyuki Tomino. I like Director Tomino, not anime. I was deeply interested in the texts and lines of Tomino’s novels and his works, and I was influenced by them when writing novels. “

But his current work is more about animation production than novels. The reason is as follows.

“I made my debut as a writer in my late twenties, and since I was in my mid-thirties, I thought I wouldn’t be able to continue the publishing business and grow older. It might have seemed reasonable, but I wasn’t so enthusiastic about the novel. I like movies, and in my novels, how to literately build what I want to draw in movies. I was doing the work. “

Participation in the live-action film adaptation of his novel also had a significant impact.

“From the standpoint of being in charge of the original and the script, the live-action film provides only the material. The control of the details changes depending on the director’s direction and the acting of the actor. While it produces a good effect, the details The correction will not work.

In that respect, animation allows you to control everything in every detail. You can do it just like writing a novel. I was more convinced when I made “UC” than a live-action movie. There he dominated the taste and came to the anime. My current feeling is that I changed my job from a novelist to a “writer.”

Although it changed from a novel to an anime, it is said that there is no significant change in the “root.”

“My consciousness is the same. Anime is not an individual work as a novel, but a group work, so I’m watching the situation of the staff, but I didn’t suffer at all. I’m deep alone. Rather than writing a novel to keep digging holes, the anime production style of digging deep holes together suits my personality. “

Fukui, who has found more possibilities than novels in the expression by animation, talks about the creators of “Gundam” and “Yamato” that he is involved in.

“I think that the director Tomino who gave birth to” Gundam “and the producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki of” Yamato “are the opposite of each other in terms of work and character. I’m very disappointed. “

I didn’t have a chance to meet him, but Mr. Nishizaki said, “I took everything to the robot (Gundam).” It seems that they were intensely aware of each other.

Director Tomino is a person who focuses on his work-oriented, or how to deliver his voice. On the other hand, Mr. Nishizaki is an adult show business-oriented person who wants to survive this franchise.

Although it should be the exact opposite when listening to the remarks of the two, Mr. Tomino has many things related to the box office performance, and Mr. Nishizaki has much to do with the content of the work. This conflict is exciting. “

How will Fukui inherit these two major series and spin a new story?

“The big thing I’m aware of regarding the production of both series is the difference in the generations I watch.” Gundam, “which has been established as content for a long time, is a work to be shown to people in their 20s and 40s. , Release to a broad layer.

On the other hand, “Yamato,” whose series has been cut off for more than 20 years, works for seniors in their 40s and above. There were many hard entertainment works for adults in the past, but I think that people in their 40s and 60s are the generation left behind as needs in animation and live-action.

I made this work aware of the work that can now accept the time that the generation has lived. Senior generations have been saved by works like Satoshi Kuramoto’s drama “Yasuragi no Sato” (2017 TV Asahi). It’s okay for anime to have that kind of existence. “

“Yamato” may be a work that the senior generation can rely on.

“Even in the play of’Yamato’, it is all adults who are worried. Now, various things are happening globally, and all adults do not know what they are worried about or what they are angry with. Ing.

The slag of such emotions should have accumulated in me. An anime says, “Forget the reality and enjoy yourself,” and it’s good to get catharsis with it.

However, if the accumulated slag can be verbalized, taken out, and shared with the senior generation, so, in the future, even if the subject matter that I want to express in my way comes out, I think that I will do it with animation, not in the form of a novel. “

“Space Battleship Yamato 2199”
(Screened in theaters in 2012, aired on TBS in 2013)
Earth lost to the Second Inferior Planet War. After that, the attack on the Earth from the alien civilization Gamirasu Empire intensified, and the Earth was in danger of extinction. Space Battleship Yamato and his crew embark on a long journey to Iskandar to save humanity.

“Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Love Warriors”
(2017 theater screening, 2018-2019 TV Tokyo network)
It has been three years since Yamato returned from the 168,000 light-years of the fantastic voyage to Iskandar. The Earth, which has regained its former appearance, concludes a peace treaty with the Gamirasu Empire. While rebuilding, he was beginning to take the path to an arms race. At that time, the prayer of Goddess Teresa invites Yamato to a new voyage. After the war with Emperor Gatrantis, the Earth lost the super-technology “Time Fault” to rescue only Susumu Kodai and Yuki Mori. In ancient times, when he was appointed as the new captain of Yamato, despite his self-responsibility, he set out on a training voyage for new crew members in case of an emergency.

Fukui Harutoshi
He was born November 15, 1968, Born in Tokyo. Debuted in 1998 with “Twelve Y.O.” and won the Edogawa Rampo Prize. In 1999, he received the Mystery Writers of Japan Award, the Japan Adventure Fiction Association Grand Prize, and the Haruhiko Oyabu Award for “Aegis of the Exiled Country.” He has made many books, including the same work into live-action films. Since 2007, he has written the novel “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” (10 volumes in total) and participated in the animation production of the same work. Participated in “Space Battleship Yamato He is 2202 Love Warriors” with series composition and screenplay.

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