Bundle! From MyGO!!!!! To be animated this summer. Five cast members who will lead the project’s ‘new series’ announced

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The actual band MyGO!!!!! born from the next-generation girl band project “BanG Dream!” In the sound of progressing”, BanG Dream! Announced the broadcast decision of “BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!!” is a new anime series.

However, with this announcement, the members’ names have been announced, and at the same time, it has been revealed that the cast will play each character. Kina Hitsumimiya as Toru Takamatsu (Vo), Rin Tateishi as Aine Chihaya (Gt), Hina Aoki as Rana Kaname (Gt), Mika Kohinata as Soyo Nagasaki (Ba), Riki Shiina (Dr) ) will be played by Koko Hayashi.

A teaser visual of the members holding musical instruments was also released with this announcement. The anime will start broadcasting in the summer of 2023. Sanjigen is the animation producer, Koudai Kakimoto is the director, and Yuniko Ayana is the series composer and scriptwriter. The production team that has worked on many works will gather. The theme song has been decided to be My GO!!!!! ‘s new song, “Ichizuku Sora” (reading: Hitoshizuku).

At the same performance, the real live “MyGO!!!!! Girl’s band party! It was also announced that the band’s original song “Meisei Scream” (read: Mayoi Uta) was implemented in ‘, and the fans who gathered at the venue were excited.

In addition, to commemorate the broadcast of the anime “BanG Dream! It’s MyGO!!!!!”, a unique paid distribution will be decided to reflect on this performance from “MyGO!!!!! 1st LIVE “We scream here.” In addition to sales for each performance, tickets for viewing all performance sets will be sold.

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