Nanami Tsukamoto, a professional racing driver who also handles models, supports creators who like cars!

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The product purchase type crowdfunding site “Monokoto Makers” operated by Sanei Co., Ltd. (Headquarters location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Kunihisa Hoshino) is a digital serialized on the WEB media “clicccar” and clinical. We have started crowdfunding a creator support project produced by Nanami Tsukamoto, the original author of the manga “Naname!”.

Nanami Tsukamoto and WEB media clicccar have teamed up to support creators who love cars! There are many creations in which cars appear in the leading role, such as Mach GOGOGO, Circuit Wolf, and Ini D, but for such a famous work to be born, the creator who creates it must be accepted. Therefore, we launched a project with Nanami Tsukamoto and clinical to support creators who are good at such paintings. We will support creators who love cars as part of their work product from the return sales of crowdfunding.

Let’s support the eggs of creators who may produce the original anime that represents Japan together!

What is “Sliding Girl Naname !!”?

The manga “Sliding Girl Naname !!” from the WEB media clicccar is an original WEB manga with the motif of the experience of Nanami Tsukamoto aiming to become a professional driver.

Nanami Tsukamoto is a hard worker, unlike her gorgeous appearance and appearance.

From the time I was born, there was a privately owned circuit in the garden of my mansion, and I practiced there when I had free time, and on my birthday, the Nanami Tsukamoto Cup cart tournament, which also served as a party, was held every year. Instead, I grew up in a typical family (which is a little lower than average !?), and after waking up to driving, I spent all my time working part-time and spending time and improving my technique. Naname-chan, the main character in the play, plays such episodes of blood, sweat, and tears in a slightly funny and exaggerated manner.

What is the reward for crowdfunding?

We have prepared a set of a cool muffler towel (20 cm x 90 cm) with a bottle case designed for “Naname !!” and a towel intended by a creator who likes cars (34 cm x 37 cm) supported by Nanami Tsukamoto.

In addition, we will prepare a plan for an autograph session and a photo session with Nanami Tsukamoto at the circuit event venue held at Nikko Circuit on Saturday, October 9th.

Aiming to become a racing driver by being fascinated by racing karts at a local kart that visited Go to Tokyo. Formed a “Women’s Kart Club” (JKB) with friends who like cars around them, gained a track record in kart racing, and asked for a chance to step up to a four-wheel race while appearing in models, commercials, and events.

As the only “three-sword style” female professional driver who participates in the series of domestic and foreign races, rallies, and drifts, he develops a fulfilling motorsports activity and disseminates those activities in various media such as magazines serialization and TV / net programs. There is.

In parallel with the racer activities, he was appointed as a promotion ambassador for the movie “New Initial D the Movie” from 2015 and developed various initial D tribute projects. In addition, Ambassador Yamanashi, “Drift Spirits” (Bandai Namco) He has been appointed as a promotional character, an ambassador for the Mega Super Car Motor Show (Kitakyushu, Kumamoto, Fukuoka), a TONE Motaspo cheering captain, and has been involved in the production of events himself. In 2019, it was made into a character as in Bandai Namco’s popular smartphone game “Drift Spirits” and gained popularity.

Based on various activities, we will also focus on the overseas transmission of Cool Japan content, inbound regional promotion, and support activities for female professional drivers.

KOLs (Key Opinions) are attracting attention as one of the drivers with the most media exposure, such as models of top brands inside and outside Japan, TV as talents, and appearances at events, as well as car-related media. Leader) is active. Since 2020, based on the experience and knowledge accumulated as an athlete and model, he has been planning and commercializing diet and anti-aging as a “beauty expert.”

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