Check it out tonight on ‘Spirited Away’! The bathhouse runs the excellent management policy of the bathhouse ‘Ayuya’!

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Hello, this is Rikao Yanagita from the Institute of Science and Technology. I enjoy thinking about manga, anime, special effects programs, etc., from the perspective of science fiction. By the way, today’s research report is.

The “Friday Road Show” on January 7th is “Spirited Away” directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

Chihiro, who got lost in a world where humans should not enter, will work at the bathhouse “Aburaya” where the gods gather.

That is the management policy of “oil shop.”

Gods visit this bathhouse every day, and it is bustling. Where is the point of business prosperity?

The food looks excellent, but I think the biggest attraction is the bath. It is a medicinal bath that seems comfortable for Hijo, and customer satisfaction is relatively high.

Let’s consider the actual situation here.

The meritorious person is Makurokurosuke!
Chihiro, who got lost in a mysterious world, visited Kamaji, which was fired in a kettle, at the recommendation of Haku.

Kamaji was busy boiling water and working hard to formulate the medicinal ingredients, and he seemed extremely busy.

Move your six arms around the clock to pick up the medicine from the drawers on the shelves, grind it in Yagen and throw it into hot water, operate the lever that seems to be the pressure adjustment of the boiler, turn the rotary handle of unknown use, and the coal carrier Encourage and encourage Makurokurosuke …….

It is hard work that can be done because it is a Kamaji with six arms, and this grandfather is probably the person who has contributed to the prosperity of the oil shop.

And it is the work of Makurokurosuke and others that impresses me.

They carry about twice as much coal as their bodies with their thin, wire-like arms. It seems to be a lot of hard work. The black and white skeletons were often underlaid with coal.

The coal they were carrying was almost cylindrical.

Assuming that Chihiro’s shoes are 22 cm in size, they are 18 cm in diameter and 6.5 cm in thickness when measured on the screen. Calculated from the average density of coal, it weighs 2.2 kg.

The thickness of the arm of Susuwatari is only about 2 mm, and lifting 2.2 kg is the same as an average human with an arm diameter of 8 cm lifting an Indian elephant (slightly small) weighing 3.6 tons. It’s hard for Moretsu.

The black and white skeletons threw this heavy coal into the kettle after approaching it to the point where it was exposed to the flames.

Given its body color, this is a pity. The black color will absorb radiant heat quickly to be pretty hot. It might be better to paint your body white …

How much hot water did you use?
And the featured episode is the visit of Mr. Oksare.

The whole body is already muddy! Every time you take a step, turbid purple water comes out from your feet due to its weight. Methane (probably) spouts from my body even though I’m just standing, and the area is filled with sludge.

As soon as Oksare entered the bathtub, the hot water became like a hedro.

Chihiro discovers that something is stuck in his body while adding hot water many times. When pulled by all the employees, it was a bicycle handlebar.

Then, a pile of entangled oversized garbage is dragged out.

Then, the customer became beautiful and revealed its true identity. It was not Oksare-sama but a famous river god.

The god of the river was muddy because humans polluted the river. God was satisfied with “I’m good” and went home.

It’s a famous scene that makes you feel refreshed just by looking at it, but what you care about is the amount of hot water released at this time.

While Chihiro wrestled with garbage, it was overflowing. How much was hot water added?

Assuming that Chihiro’s height is 150 cm, the diameter of the bathtub is 7.2 m.

The overflowing hot water spread at the employees’ feet, who were about 5m from the edge of the bathtub, in a flow of about 20cm in depth and about 1m per second.

Calculating from this, the hot water overflowed by 10.8 tons per second.

When I measured the time that continued to overflow during the play, it was 2 minutes and 43 seconds. That means that a total of 1760 tons of hot water was poured. It’s enough for 4 25m pools.

Calculating based on the water charges in Tokyo, it costs 345,980 yen for water alone!

Let’s increase the number of Kamaji by about 48
It is a customer-first bathhouse to use so much hot water for only one customer.

However, it is not the management policy of Yuma but the hard work of Chihiro. It was also a hidden achievement that Kaonashi secretly handed me an expensive drug tag.

At the same time, the hardships of the hot water supply unit are remembered again.

Since hot water cannot be boiled immediately, Kamaji probably prepares about 1760 tons of hot water.

However, it is complicated to boil 1760 tons of hot water every day in this environment. Considering that it cools while flowing to the hot spring with a gutter, it must be heated to 50 degrees.

If the original water temperature is 20 degrees, 9.8 tons of coal will be required even if 100% of the generated heat is used. If one piece is 2.2 kg, it is 4400 pieces.

Even if there are a total of 50 black and white Susuwatari, 88 must be carried and thrown into the fire. Carrying considerable baggage that would crush you every day until just near the flames …

Even in Kamaji, it is necessary to prepare many medicines.

The Hot Spring Law stipulates that “a hot spring must contain a total amount of 1 g or more of dissolved substances per 1 kg of hot water.”

If the hot water of the oil shop contains the same amount of medicine, the medicine that Kamaji grinds are 1.76 tons a day. It takes 490 hours to grind 1g per second.

Even if you work 10 hours a day, you need 49 Kamaji. The current system is not enough!

Supporting the prosperity of the oil shop were Kamaji, Makurokurosuke, and Hitobito, who worked hard at the site.

I want the owner, Yuma, to improve the treatment of their hot water team immediately! Thank you very much.

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