‘Attack on Titan’ wall art appears in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Many storyboards and setting pictures are released for the first time.

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To commemorate the broadcast of “Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2” from January 9, 2022, wall art filled with storyboards and setting pictures will be released in Tokyo (Shinjuku and Shibuya), Osaka, and Nagoya. It is posted in the station.

The wall art includes storyboards and setting pictures that correspond to episodes 76 to 80 of “Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2”, and the most prominent board is about 22.5 meters in length. Shinjuku, Osaka, and Nagoya stations have been posted since January 3, and Shibuya station has been posted since January 4.

Furthermore, on official Twitter (@anime_shingeki), a countdown animation depicting favorite scenes by six popular creators on SNS is released every night. Illustrator TAO is living in Hokkaido, pixel artist APO +, creator Shimarisu Yukichi, who uploads mainly illustrations and animations that have already been released. Freelance illustrator coalowl (6 pm on the 7th), Harumaki Gohan (6 pm on the 8th), a musician, illustrator, and animator, and Mah (6 pm on the 9th), an animation writer and illustrator, participated.

Each posting area and posting period of wall art is as follows. Some of the set images have already been released.

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