Chest Kyun on the unexpected side of the sound pillar, Umeda Tengen! Voice of acclaim that “I’m going to like Umeda-san.”

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On Sunday, December 12, 2021, the second episode, “Infiltrating the Yukaku” of “Kimetsu no Yaiba “Yukaku Hen” (Fuji TV series), was broadcast. Up until now, Umeda Tengen, a sound pillar with a slightly forcible side, showed a caring side in the second episode, and it seems that the viewer was captivated in a blink of an eye.

A group of Sumijiro headed to “Yukaku” to get rid of the demons. To Sumijiro, Inosuke, and Zeni, who are stunned at the place they visit for the first time, Umeda explains, “This is Yoshiwara, Yukaku.

The appearance and greed of men and women. The city of night swirling with love and hate. It’s flashy.” According to Umeda, a demon is lurking somewhere in this Yukaku.

Immediately, Sumijiro and his friends decide to dress up as women to conduct an undercover investigation.

However, there is no reason why the first transvestite will not work, and the three will look ridiculous. It didn’t look like it would be picked up, but Umeda ate down, and the three managed to infiltrate the Yukaku.

Up until now, Umeda’s selfishness has been conspicuous, but it seems that many viewers have changed their impressions due to the scenes that take care of Sumijiro and others. On SNS, “Umeda-san is a guardian. It’s cute.” “Umeda-san’s guardian feeling is the best after arriving at the Yukaku.” The liking exploded for the first time in a guardian. A nice person who seems to be and takes care of me properly. “

In addition, the level of drawing is exceptionally high as a whole, “Mr. Umeda, becoming cooler as an animation drawing” “Mr. Umeda’s goodness of drawing and the face when it is cut off … the best!” “This time, The drawing was wonderful! I saw Ms. Tengen’s makeup for the first time, but isn’t it too handsome !? ” It seems that the technology of ufotable, a production company with a reputation for high quality and beautiful drawing, is unfortunately demonstrated in the “Yukaku edition.”

“Kimetsu no Yaiba” Yukaku Hen, in which the character’s charm deepens with each episode. Which character will be the focus next week … Along with the story, I would like to pay attention to the characters who spin the story.

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