‘Chiko-chan’ is on fire! Mr. Miyako Hirabayashi, a manners instructor, struck a timeless masterpiece with ‘Demon’s uselessness.’

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Miyako Hirabayashi (61), the director of the Elegant Manner School, also known as the “demon manners instructor,” is on fire. When he appeared on NHK’s “Chiko-chan scolds!” Broadcast on the 21st, the staff cried because of too strict guidance. A lot of criticisms erupted on the net. Takashi Okamura of Ninety-nine, who appears, was also sympathetic to the staff. In the past, Mr. Hirabayashi has pointed out “the uselessness of demons” to anime works that are said to be “immortal masterpieces.”

“Chiko-chan–” is a quiz-style variety show that asks questions that adults cannot answer because it is so commonplace. The day’s theme was “The fork has four teeth to eat spaghetti well.”

Eat spaghetti with a fork of 2 to 5 teeth. Which one has the best etiquette? Mr. Hirabayashi appeared as a lecturer to verify it, but it was an on-parade that was not good for female staff.

She suddenly warned, “Wow, the top of the Buddha. Look at me without looking down.” When the female staff bowed back, she said, “Don’t look down!” When the female team showed tears due to the harshness, she said, “Don’t cry! Yeah!” If you can’t eat well, “Vulgar!” As a result, it was proved that the four-tooth fork was the best, but Okamura of the studio also sympathized with “I will quit.”

The net was on fire. “It is a violation of manners to curse in front of the public,” “just power harassment,” and “you are vulgar,” criticized one after another, and “manner instructor” entered the trend of Twitter.

The story of a professional entertainment professional. “Recently, Mr. Hirabayashi has been sought after for variety shows. He is crazy about the words that don’t wear on his teeth and the” demon character. “Egashira 2:50 is also one of Hirabayashi’s” baptisms. “Egashira’s YouTube channel” Ega-channels ” When he appeared in Egashira, he broke into Egashira’s eating manners. When he finally scored “minus 50 points!”, Egashira was about to attack “this fucking baptism!”. That made me laugh. rice field”

Of course, this is Mr. Hirabayashi’s character, and it may be part of the production. Still, this time it may have been overkill. “Broadcasting female staff crying can be misleading, even if it’s a production,” said a television official.

However, “Demon’s uselessness” has exploded in the past. What’s more, it’s not calm because everyone was biting into an anime work that everyone admits to be a “masterpiece.”

One of them is the animated movie “Grave of the Firefly,” a “moving masterpiece.” It’s a sad story that during the Pacific War, 14-year-old Seita and 4-year-old sister Setsuko, who have no parents, try to survive but eventually die debilitatingly. In his book, “Mr. Hirabayashi, please tell me the manners that are not embarrassing as an adult,” Mr. Hirabayashi said that the two had left the house of their relatives who had been temporarily entrusted to them. It is written as follows.

“I went out only with momentum, but I have no working experience, I do not have a decent meal, I do not have money, so I steal the things in the field for my sister, but eventually my sister gets cholera and dies. (…) It’s no exaggeration to say that the main character killed his sister. (…) The lesson from this movie is that it’s essential to put up with it first. “

In another book, “Manners of working people who produce results for some reason,” he wrote, “I hate girls who sell matches,” and slashed them like this.

“She knows that (the girl couldn’t force her clothes) should have been neat. Even if she were reluctant to sell a match, she would be more professional if she wanted to. Must be “

“Mr. Hirabayashi may have wanted to explain the importance of patience and how to do business, but he doesn’t have to spoil fiction,” said a TV official. It may be because it is called a “demon.”

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