Chinese animation is gradually expanding into Japan, becoming so familiar that you see it without knowing it.?

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Works that were big hits in China landed in Japan one after another.

Among the many anime works released in recent years, the one that is gradually attracting attention is anime from China. I don’t think many people come to the point, but various works have expanded into Japan in the last few years.

Maybe you’re looking at it without knowing it? Anime works from China were released in Japan. For example, the movie “The Legend of Hei,” which was dubbed in Japanese in November 2020, Is counted as one of the works from China.

The story is about a black cat fairy, Xiao Hei, who has been forced to live in a human place. The movie box office revenue in China is 315 million yuan (about 4.9 billion yen).

In October 2019, a small-scale subtitled version was screened in Japan, and the Japanese dubbed version with the participation of Kana Hanazawa and Mamoru Miyano was fully released. High-quality images such as powerful action scenes became a hot topic, and even on the Internet, “I saw it because it had a good reputation, I was convinced” “Chinese animation was so amazing !?”

There were many acclaimed voices. Surprisingly, the “Please Take My Brother Away!” Series, which aired the 4th season of the anime in October 2020, is also a work from China. Based on the popular WEB manga that has been viewed more than 3 billion times in China, it is also a work posted on Shueisha’s WEB manga site “Shonen Jump +.” Voice actor Yuichi Nakamura’s stupid older brother, Shifun, and Sora AmamiyaCheck out the “Choi Yuru Gakuen Comedy” presented by your violent younger sister, Shimyo.

Also, the anime “Mado Soushi,” which was broadcast from January 2021, is the same original author as “Tenkan Gifuku,” which is currently being published. When it was serialized on the Web in China, it caused a social phenomenon, and now it has become viral content that has been played over 11 billion times in the world. While the detailed and magnificent story and attractive characters attract attention, the viewers talked about it as “interesting but tough. It’s tough but interesting.”

The story’s details will be hidden, so if you are interested, please check it out. And from Friday, July 30, 2021, the 3D animation “White Snake: Engi” will be released in theaters, with popular voice actors Suzuko Mimori and Daisuke Sakuma of Snow Man dubbing Japanese.

This work is also expanding into Japan, with a huge hit record of over 7 billion yen in China. I want to expect what kind of works will land in Japan and entertain anime fans in the future.

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