A fierce collaboration of ‘Blue Rock’ and ‘Uikore’ Reproduced ‘that hot battle’ that competed teammates

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A collaboration between Konami’s mobile soccer game “eFootball Uikore CHAMPION SQUADS” and the TV anime “Blue Rock” started on the 20th. According to the person in charge, the format of the collaboration event was inspired by an episode in work.

“Weekly Shonen Magazine” ( Kodansha), which is based on the soccer manga serialized in ), will be broadcast on the TV Asahi nationwide network “NUMAnimation frame” from October 2022. The main event of the collaboration, “Special Selection Task,” was linked to the story of the “Rivalry Battle,” which was developed in the anime, in which the teams competed against each other for teammates. The person in charge said, “In ‘Rivalry Battle,’ the matches are played while the enemies and allies have been replaced so far, and it’s a scorching story. I will,” explained.

“The challenges this time are roughly divided into five levels, starting with the main challenge for the main character, Kiyoshi Seiichi, followed by Seishiro Nagi, Shoei Marou, and so on. You can imagine this continuation if you watch TV anime and manga. Each task is tailored to the individuality of each character, so please build a deck and take on the challenge.” A collaboration between “Blue Rock,” based on authentic soccer, and “Uikore,” which features real players. We aimed to create excitement for each other’s content through the competition between popular characters and world-star players.

The person in charge said, “From October 2022, it will be made into a TV animation. Since it is a fascinating timing, we consulted with the animation production committee and Kodansha, and this collaboration was realized.” bottom.

In “Uikore,” there is something like a unique ability that can be given to each player called “Sense.” In line with the collaboration, we created the sense of three characters, “Kiyoshi Seiichi,” “Horakumawari,” and “Nagi Seishiro.” “For example, the collaboration sense of ‘Horakumawari,’ ‘Tenyo Musu no Dribbler,’ is an effect inspired by ‘Horakumawari’ that breaks through defenders with various dribbles.

The “Success Formula” is the attack ability of “Kiyoshi Seiichi,” who awakens as a striker, and the “Sleeping Genius” is a fantasist that fascinates the surroundings. Each of them has a sense of ‘Nagi Seishiro.'” In the collaboration campaign, the characters of the TV anime “Blue Rock” appear as “EXP collaboration cards” and “SP collaboration cards,” and items such as “Premium Ball x 250” are held.

A “Collaboration Memorial Special Gift Campaign” will be obtained, and a free 11 consecutive gacha can be obtained by “Grade 104 or higher ★ 5 players”. The collaboration period is until April 20th. (Various News, Kazuki Matsuda)

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