‘Crayon Shin-chan’ is full of stupidity. Even if it becomes the first 3DCG animation, two types of commercial images have been lifted.

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“Crayon Shin-chan,” loved for over 30 years, will appear in movie theaters this summer as the first 3D CG animation in the series. “Shin dimension! Crayon Shin-chan, THE MOVIE ESP Great Battle ~Tobetobe Temaki Sushi~” will be released on August 4th. Today, two commercial videos have been lifted.

The production period for this work is a whopping seven years. Animation is handled by Shirogumi, a CG professional group that has worked on “STAND BY ME Doraemon” and “Shin Godzilla.” Furthermore, “Moteki” (2011), “Bakuman. (2015) Director Hitoshi Ohne was the first animation director with this work.

The commercial video that has been lifted shows Shinnosuke, who demonstrates the supernatural power he has acquired in a “stupid” way, dancing with Quantum Robo and enjoying hand-rolled sushi using magical power. Be able to. Misae becomes an idol!? Hiroshi becomes hand-rolled sushi!?

In addition, the SNS project started today (21st). If you post what you want to do your best this summer with the hashtag “#Shin-chan support” on Twitter, you will receive a heart-warming support message from Shinnosuke, depending on the content. There are 15 types of messages for this measure, which is the first attempt in “Crayon Shin-chan.” There is also a secret message that you will be lucky to receive.

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