The urge to fall in love destroys the world ‘Alice and Teres no Illusionary Factory’ book poster has been unveiled & advance tickets for the movie tickets are to be released!

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An anime that will make even adults cry has touched the hearts of 3 million people and recorded a huge hit, “We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day.”

The scriptwriter has captured the hearts of people unfamiliar with anime. MAPPA’s first original theatrical animation, “Alice and Telles no Maboroshi Factory,” which is 100% full of director Okada’s charm, will be released nationwide from Friday, September 15th, co-distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and MAPPA. And this time, the poster for this work has been lifted! The profile of Masamune and Mutsumi looking at each other is close-up, and the power of it is captivating.

They brought their faces so close that they could easily understand each other’s breathing. In the background of such two people, the scenery of factories wrapped in light spreads out, and the town itself, which is said to be “change is evil,” has cracked as if it could no longer withstand the energy of the two. , You can also see it running vertically and horizontally.

Is this crack a sign that the balance of the world has begun to collapse, or does it have something to do with the boys and girls struggling into the future? The whole poster overflows with a power that makes you feel that the balance is starting to break down, and it is a picture that strongly shakes the hearts of those who see it.

Director Okada explained the figures of Masamune and Mutsumi depicted in the poster at the time of the production announcement, “This ‘Alice and Telles no Illusion Factory’ is about boys and girls struggling in an ambiguous world, fighting their destinies with ‘love’ as their weapon. It’s a story.” It’s a piece that truly symbolizes this work.

Movie ticket advance tickets will be released! Movie ticket online digital benefits Movie advance tickets (card & online) will be on sale from Friday, July 28th! Movie tickets advance passports (cards) can be purchased from theaters nationwide (*excluding some theaters) and major official websites.

Advanced movie ticket tickets (online) can be purchased from the official website. As an online-only advance purchase, digital privilege is prepared for all purchasers, making it a rare privilege that can only be obtained here.

In addition, at Lawson stores nationwide, movie ticket convenience store tickets with warming mug & acrylic coaster set] with the illustration of “Alice and Telles’ Maboroshi Factory” will be sold. The movie “Alice and Telles no Maboroshi Factory” September 15th (Friday) National Road Show

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